The latest episode of “What’s Up, Disney+” is here, and it features a compliment showdown between Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, the stars of Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

  • To start things off Jenny and Andre are joined by Lorraine Cink, Senior Creative Producer and host for the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel.
  • Together, the trio recaps the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe journey for both the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, leading up to the debut of the new series on Disney+.
  • To challenge themselves a little, they do their recap in just two minutes and 20 seconds.
  • Jenny and Andre then gives us the “What’s New” segment, which features:
  • Mackie and Stan then take over the show for their ultimate compliment showdown, during which Mackie compliments Stan’s hair and Stan compliments Mackie’s… thighs.

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