WonderCon 2021 is being done virtually this year, and with it, some Marvel panels. Yesterday, they gave an inside look at the “Marvel: Universe Of Super Heroes” exhibition that has appeared at museums in the United States and Canada.

  • The exhibition is now beginning its fourth year after launching in 2018 and continues to evolve as the world of Marvel grows.
  • During the panel, Benjamin Saunders (head of comics and cartoon studies, University of Oregon) and co-producer Brian Crosby (creative director, Marvel Themed Entertainment) gave a sneak peek at some of the displays and artifacts you can see while visiting and also talked about the history of the exhibit.

  • Crosby said this was an exciting opportunity for Marvel to have a comprehensive exhibit showing the 80-year history of the company.
  • They are not only able to look back but continue to update it as a continuously evolving exhibit as new Marvel comics, movies, games, and more release.

  • They want to show Marvel as “the world outside your window” in the exhibit and with anything Marvel does, with these super heroes being a part of your reality.
  • Crosby says it’s really important for people to see themselves in these characters, that’s when Marvel is at its best.
  • Saunders states that from the beginning of this exhibit, the key is to have people know these are spectacular fantasies that are tethered to our lives be it real locations or otherwise.

  • Crosby also talks about his internship at Walt Disney Imagineering as a concept designer, working on a variety of IPs like Tron, Star Wars, and more, finding his niche working with Marvel. It helped him with the creation of the exhibit as an interactive experience for Guests where they become part of the story.

About the “Marvel: Universe Of Super Heroes” Exhibition:

  • Since its doors first opened at Seattle’s MoPOP in 2018, the Marvel: Universe Of Super Heroes exhibition has appeared at some of the US and Canada’s most prestigious museums, welcomed nearly 900,000 visitors, and brought fans a new way to experience the characters and legacy of Marvel, while also exploring the company’s long and storied history.
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