Captain Carter to Return for Second Season of Marvel’s What If…?

In a press conference for Marvel’s What If…?, executive producer Brad Winderbaum revealed that Captain Carter will return for the second season of the Disney+ series.

What Is Happening:

  • What If…? is an anthology series that explores the Marvel multiverse through the eyes of Uatu, the Watcher.
  • Each episode explores a different scenario such as what if Peggy Carter got the super-soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers and became Captain Carter.
  • When asked if any of the scenarios would be explored again, producer Brad Winderbaum revealed that they decided early on that the Captain Carter’s story would be one that they explored each season.

Other Things We Learned from the Press Conference

  •  The creative team said that each episode would stand on its own, but that there may be opportunities for Marvel style alchemy.
  • It is not a coincidence that the show happens after Loki, where the Marvel multiverse is created
  • Jeffrey Wright was also coy about whether he expects to play The Watcher in a live-action Marvel project.
  • The Watcher is thought of as being the ultimate Marvel fan who is fascinated by the stories he is able to witness.
  • The entire creative team was moved by Chadwick Boseman’s performance and felt a lot of pressure to get the episode right as a tribute to him.

Look for more coverage of Marvel’s What If…? ahead of its debut on Disney+ on August 11, 2021.