Man Given Trespass Warning from Walt Disney World for Using a Stolen iPad to Give Unauthorized Tours

A man has been given a trespass warning from Walt Disney World for using a Disney-owned iPad to lead an unauthorized tour, allowing guests to skip lines for attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

  • According to WFLA, A deputy responded to a call from Disney’s Hollywood Studios on June 4 regarding a man who had been taken to a manager’s office to be trespassed from the resort.
  • An Orange County Sheriff’s Office report says the man was using a stolen Walt Disney World-owned iPad to give unauthorized tours and lead guests to the front of the lines.
  • The report also says the manager said the man used the iPad over the course of a few days before his team became aware of the overrides on guest reservations in the Cast Member-only Walt Disney World app, not available to the public.
  • The manager noticed the man leading a group to the front of the line at an unspecified attraction in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
  • The manager followed the man to the parking lot with an off-duty deputy and asked to speak with him.
  • According to the report, the man said he works for “A Class” company and the iPad was given to him by “Tony,” the owner of the company.
  • The man turned over the device to the manager and later told the Orange County Deputy he did not know it was stolen.
  • The manager confirmed the iPad was Disney’s property but had not been reported as stolen.
  • The man was issued a trespass warning from all Disney’s property.