The Walt Disney Family Museum the Participate in 2021 Big Draw Festival

The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco will be participating in The Big Draw, the largest drawing festival in the world. The museum will be hosting a series of free community events connecting to the legacy of Walt Disney.

What’s Happening:

  • The theme of this year’s Big Draw Festival is “Make the Change” and will highlight exciting and creative ways to live sustainably and create a healthier world.
  • The event will take place Saturday, October 23rd via a Zoom Webinar.
  • It is free to attend, however you must sign-up.
  • Replays of the event will be available to view on Facebook and YouTube.
  • More information on the schedule of events can be found at The Walt Disney Family Museum website.

About The Big Draw:

  • “The 2021 Big Draw Festival theme, Make the Change, is a timely development on last year’s exploration into the relationship between people and our living environments. In 2021, we desire to take action, explore and discover ways to live in balance with the world around us, reconnect with each other, and create a better world for future generations.”
  • “Sustainable and successful living is equally about how we interact with the world around us; it’s about kindness shown to nature and our natural world but also kindness shown to each other. We are at a major crossroads in the development of our society and have a responsibility to those who come after us to make the right choices around core values, need, equality, and leadership. Visit The Big Draw website to learn more!”