Marvel Executive Vice President and Creative Director Joe Quesada discussed Jon Bernthal’s performance as Frank Castle in the Netflix series The Punisher during a recent interview with the Prop Store.

  • Quesada sat down for an interview with Josh Saleh for a talk about Jon Bernthal’s Punisher in honor of the ongoing auction of props, costumes and more from the hit Netflix show.
  • Quesada was asked how he knew he found the right person for the Punisher when they were making the series:
    • “Jon was this up and coming star, you know, we’d seen him in a bunch of different things but we just knew that this was Frank Castle,” Quesada said. “It’s very easy, I think, to portray a character like that in a very one-dimensional manner. But number one, he had scripts that were incredibly deep and rich and Jon brought so much to the character of Frank.”
  • You can check out some of the interview in the video below:

  • Fans of the series can currently bid on several different lots of items from the show here.
  • The Prop Store’s Marvel Television Online Auction for The Punisher will continue until Tuesday, December 14th.