Disney+ Now Shows Rating, Year, and Runtime Through Search on Web Browser

The Disney+ web interface has received a minor update, now displaying the rating, year, and runtime of films when viewed through the search feature.

What’s Happening:

  • Disney+ subscribers can now quickly see the rating, year produced, and runtime of films when they use the search feature on the web version of the streaming service.
  • In the comparison photo above, you can see that the results expand the layout of search results, giving more space between tiles to present the information.
  • For TV shows, the TV rating and year are presented, but the runtime isn’t listed since that varies by episode.

  • At this time, the helpful feature is only available when searching for a title. In this case, we searched for “Star Wars,” but from the home screen or collections pages, the platform looks the same as before.
  • This new feature is good news for families with small children, who can now make a decision about whether or not to select a title before they click on it.
  • The mobile app already had this same feature, which gives additional details on the side of each tile.

  • We have not yet seen this feature roll out on streaming boxes like Apple TV, Roku, or Chromecast.
  • It is unclear if this feature will remain in the search function or if it will expand to display other places, such as the home page and collection pages.
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