“Lofi Minnie: Focus” Digital Album Coming In Spring of 2022

In celebration of National Polka Dot Day today, Walt Disney Records has announced a new digital album, Lofi Minnie: Focus, set to bring Disney Classics into the Lofi space later this Spring,

What’s Happening:

  • In honor of Polka Dot Day which celebrates all things Minnie Mouse, Walt Disney Records is releasing a new Lofi album of Minnie’s favorite Disney songs.
  • The digital album will be available on streaming platforms in Spring of 2022. Lofi Minnie: Focus will feature iconic Disney hits reimagined by top artists in the Lofi space, inviting listeners to celebrate their favorites with a brand new vibe while studying, working, or just unwinding.
  • Lofi Music has some typical characteristics, including drum loops that form rhythms, and jazz chords that create a relaxed and thoughtful quality. Samples build connections between the two mediums.
  • Students typically put Lofi music on to help concentrate while studying, and music therapists use it to assist patients in coping with stressful surroundings. It has also been shown to soothe anxieties and helps listeners articulate emotions better.
  • Studies have also shown that as slow music, Lo-fi releases Serotonin, a neurotransmitter known as the “Happy Hormone,” that increases Dopamine, and decreases Cortisol (a stress hormone). The music itself produces positive neurophysiological effects that help increase brain activities.
  • Lofi Monnie: Focus is set to bring Disney hits into the format in Spring of this year, but no specific release date has been released at this time.