Wolverine, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider and Hulk Return as the “New Fantastic Four” in May

In 1991’s “Fantastic Four #347,” comic book legends Walter Simonson and Arthur Adams introduced an unforgettable iteration of Marvel’s premier Super Hero team when they teamed up Wolverine, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, and Hulk as the New Fantastic Four. Though their time as the FF was brief, this unlikely group of heroes left a big impact, and now fans will get to return to this special moment in Marvel history in a new limited series kicking off in May.

  • Written by comics great Peter David and featuring the Marvel Comics debut of artist Alan Robinson, “New Fantastic Four” will be set shortly after the events of the fan-favorite group’s first appearance, taking readers back to a classic era with a brand-new tale in the same vein as hit titles like “X-Men Legends,” “Maestro,” and “Silver Surfer: Rebirth.”
  • Wolverine, Hulk (AKA Joe Fixit), Ghost Rider and Spider-Man have reunited to investigate a surge of violence in Las Vegas. And with demonic masterminds pulling the strings, they’re going to need some extra help.
  • This all-new adventure will feature surprise guest stars aplenty, including the original FF and a series of mystery villains that you’ll never see coming.
  • Check out Nick Bradshaw’s wraparound cover below featuring the iconic lineup alongside their original counterparts and brace yourself for a wild ride when “New Fantastic Four” hits stands on May 25.

What they’re saying:

  • Writer Peter David: "Although their original stint was extremely short-lived, the alternate version of the FF has had its fans for years, including myself. I am fortunate Marvel has given me the opportunity to revisit with them and take their battles to new heights in a new location with new allies and new enemies."
  • Artist Alan Robinson: "Talk about debuting with a big bang in Marvel Comics! With characters such as Spider-Man, Hulk, Ghost Rider and Wolverine, and written by the awesome Peter David, no less! This is a dream come true for me as an artist and as a fan, and the story gets richer with each page. A total blast!"