New “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” Toy Figures Available Now From Super7

Fans of the classic film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, should mark Tuesday, February 8th on their calendars so that they can get their hands on new toys from Super7 featuring characters from the iconic film.

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What’s Happening:

  • Super7 is releasing a set of ReAction figures featuring characters from the 1988 classic, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, in 3.75” inch form.
  • According to their announcement, there are five characters who will appear in the collection, including:
    • Roger Rabbit
    • Jessica Rabbit
    • Judge Doom
    • Smarty (Weasel)
    • Stupid (Weasel)
  • The figures are set to go on sale on their official website,, on Tuesday, February 8th. Fans can also find these collectibles for pre-order on Entertainment Earth.

  • Founded in 2001, Super7 is the premier pop-culture design house and producer of lifestyle-oriented collectibles, toys and apparel based in San Francisco.
  • Led by designer Brian Flynn, Super7 has harnessed the graphics, aesthetics and energy of his youthful obsession with science fiction, giant monsters, comic books, punk rock, skateboarding, robots and rebellion to build a unique and innovative business that crosses all categories and is not bound by traditional manufacturing boundaries.
  • Besides its own branded products, Super7 has also designed, manufactured, and distributed officially licensed programs for Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, the original Alien and Planet of the Apes movies, as well as for music legends Iron Maiden, the Misfits, and King Diamond.