Interview with Tim Federle on the New Film “Better Nate Than Ever” on Disney+

ABC News shared on their YouTube page an interview done by Linsey Davis with Tim Federle. Here is a little preview of the interview.

What’s Happening:

  • As executive producer of the GLAAD Award-winning show High School Musical, the musical series on Disney+, we see how his career took off.
  • The New York Times's new notable book, “Better Nate Than Ever, is about a 15 year old boy with big Broadway dreams who transforms for the silver screen.
  • The new film comes out today, April 1st, on Disney+.
  • Davis says this story feels genuine and comes from a place of authenticity. She asks why it's important to provide stories like this to young audiences in particular? Federle responds by saying that he thinks all kinds of kids deserve all kinds of stories. When he pitched this movie to Disney, it was as if Ferris Bueller had met Billy Elliott as a result, it has that genuine wish fulfillment feel of Venture.
  • He wanted to put a real theater kid at the center of it because that's who he was as a kid.
  • He never saw himself on screen growing up.
  • When he started writing the book, he never envisioned turning it into a feature film.
  • He wanted to grow up and dance on Broadway, and one of the things he learned growing up is that you're allowed to have new dreams, and he hopes that that is something that the audience takes away too. New dreams don't stop, even when you stop growing.
  • When he was asked to narrow down the best moments from his book, he said he would try to do a highlights reel. Adventures in Babysitting he was thinking about what the trailer for this movie would be. He wants it to be a kid singing in Times Square and dancing underneath a dinosaur.
  • He says how wonderful the cast is and that there are even some new faces that he can't wait for you all to discover.
  • See the full interview below.