Disney Releases Episode Two of Cast Conversations: Disneyland Paris Opening Day Cast Members

Disney Parks Blog has started a series called Cast Conversations, which you can see on YouTube. Episode two has debuted.

What’s Happening:

  • This is a series that is dedicated to the employees and cast members of the Walt Disney Company and highlights their stories behind the magic.
  • In this episode, they hear from three cast members who were part of the Disneyland Paris opening cast and crew, which was over thirty years ago.
  • As the entire cast and crew prepared for opening day, Carmen and Quentin, the Disneyland Paris Ambassador duo, were able to hear some amazing stories from memorabilia and reminisce on their roles and challenges.
  • They go back in time and listen to all the Disneyland Paris stories that Camille, Steve, and Scott share. They are just a few of the many pioneers that have unique stories to tell.
  • They will be continuing to meet with magic makers from all around the world and have more interviews with Disneyland Paris cast members coming soon.

According to Disney Parks Blog, this is what you can expect in upcoming episodes:

Cast Conversations – Episode 3:

  • How many people can say they’ve grown up with guests who’ve been visiting the parks for 25 years?
  • Learn why Steve tells people that he has the best job in the world and how Disney has provided him with many opportunities, including opening Shanghai Disney.  

Cast Conversations – Episode 4:

  • Think you’ve heard it all about Disneyland Paris?
  • Well, think again as we join Nathalie, George and Theresa as they reminisce about their life at Disneyland Paris, why being part of the opening team meant so much, and learn about certain challenges they faced back in 1992.  

Cast Conversations – Episode 5:

  • Did you know that Shanghai Disney Resort President and General Manager Joe Schott was a member of the opening team at Disneyland Paris?
  • We visit with Natacha Rafalski, President of Disneyland Paris, and Joe Schott as he recounts his Disney journey to current life in Shanghai.