“Under the Banner of Heaven” Original Score Soundtrack Set to be Released in June

The Under the Banner of Heaven original score soundtrack was announced today and is set to be released in June. This is what was shared in the official press release.

What's Happening:

  • The Under the Banner of Heaven (Music from and Inspired by the FX Series) Original Score Soundtrack composed by Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam and Josh Klinghoffer together with John Wicks and Josh Evans, and produced by Josh Evans and Jeff Ament, was announced today and is set to release in June.
  • Additionally, the below score cues featured in the first three episodes of the limited series are available now across all music streaming platforms:
  • Families Are Forever (featured in EPISODE 1)
  • Tar & Feathers (featured in EPISODE 2)
  • Pronto (featured in EPISODE 3)
  • This soundtrack marks Ament’s first time composing for a major film/TV project and was created and recorded in his home studio in Montana. Noted Ament, "Banner was the perfect project to put to use an idea I've had for years — using the big room of my studio as an amplifier for a bunch of a low volume looper stations and composing and performing over tuned ambient beds. It was truly a dream to put music to this incredible story.”
  • Dustin Lance Black, who created the limited series had this to say of the music, “The creative journey to finding the music for this tale was one of mutual inspiration. We were still rolling cameras when Jeff and his extraordinary team began experimenting with sounds and themes, sharing the fruits of those early sessions, sounds I would play in my headphones before returning to set to roll again. Jeff’s music lives in the DNA of this show. This collaboration has most often felt like an exquisite dance into incredibly challenging terrain and there could have been no better partner.”
  • The music provides a powerful backdrop to the emotional story inspired by the true crime bestseller by Jon Krakauer, recalling the events that led to the 1984 murder of Brenda Wright Lafferty. Of Ament’s compositions “Families Are Forever” and “Pronto” Krakauer tweeted, "Brilliant. Perfect music for the story” and "Music made in heaven. My kind of heaven, anyway.”