New Cast Compliment Feature Debuts on the Disneyland App

After the feature was first introduced at Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort guests can now recognize Cast Members for being extra magical with a new feature built into the Disneyland app.

What’s Happening:

  • A new feature has debuted in the Disneyland app which allows guests to leave compliments for Cast Members that they’ve had a positive experience with ease!
  • This new feature was also introduced to Walt Disney World’s My Disney Experience app at the beginning of the 50th anniversary celebration.
  • To share some magic with the Cast Members, either search for “Cast Compliment” in the app or press the three bars in the lower right corner of the app to access a direct link, as shown below.

  • From there, guests will be taken to a simple form where they can say why they’re thanking a Cast Member, and what location the Cast Members they’re thanking are from.
  • Some of the options that users can select are:
    • Acknowledging our special occasion and creating a treasured memory
    • Remembering us and making us feel special
    • Making such a positive impact on my day
    • Keeping us safe while we enjoyed our day
  • From there, the next drop down menu asks what location these Cast Members work in, which begins with broad options like “Disneyland Park” or “Transportation” and narrows it down with further options.

  • For example, if you selected “Disneyland Park” you would then be given another list to choose from with the lands of the park, and once you’ve selected that land, you’ll then be given a list of departments to choose from, like “Attractions” or “Shops.” Once you’ve done that, you just click submit and the process is complete.
  • You are also given the optional choice to list the Cast Member’s first name, hometown, and the date of your interaction.

  • The new Cast Compliment feature is now available for use on the Disneyland app.
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