Shanghai Disneyland Resort Welcomes New Avengers Deployment Vehicle

Shanghai Disneyland Resort guests will soon be greeted by a welcome wagon of Marvel Superheroes as they are deployed in the new Avengers Deployment Vehicle in Tomorrowland.

What’s Happening:

  • Shanghai Disneyland Resort has posted a video to reveal that the Avengers will be making their appearances at the park in a new Avengers Deployment Vehicle
  • Shanghai Disneyland Resort posted the teaser video, captioning it: “Our Marvel Super Heroes are ready to deploy for their first 2023 mission in their sleek new Avengers Deployment Vehicle, which was just unveiled at Shanghai Disneyland! Some of our favorite Super Heroes including Black Widow, Spider-Man, Black Panther and Captain America arrived at Tomorrowland today for their special assignment. Avengers, assemble!”
  • Eagle-eyed viewers of the video will notice a serial number displayed on the vehicle that references the Shanghai location alongside the number 616. This has a double meaning, referencing the common Marvel number, as well as the opening date of Shanghai Disneyland, June 16th, 2016.

  • The vehicle has a similar counterpart that has already made a debut at the Disneyland Paris Resort in the new Avengers Campus at the Walt Disney Studios Park.
  • The backstory for that vehicle tells us that it was designed by Tony Stark in collaboration with Shuri from Wakanda Design Group, where the Avengers Deployment Vehicle will deploy Super Heroes to various key locations throughout Avengers Campus, for them to meet new recruits and jump swiftly into action.
  • While Shanghai Disneyland does not have an Avengers Campus, it seems the vehicle will serve the same purpose, though in Tomorrowland at this location.

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