Production on Disney Channel’s “BUNK’D” Halted Due To Writer’s Strike

BUNK’D, the longest running live-action comedy series on Disney Channel, has halted production as a result of the Writer’s Strike currently taking place in Hollywood, according to Deadline. 

What’s Happening:

  • Production on the 7th season of the hit Disney Channel series, BUNK’D, is the latest victim of the WGA Writer’s Strike in Hollywood, with the series being halted as a result.
  • Reportedly, a document was sent out by Disney Branded Television’s It’s a Laugh Productions stating the producers of the show are “hopeful for a speedy resolution of the dispute” with production resuming “at the earliest possible opportunity.”
  • According to the document, actors will also not be paid during the suspension brought upon by the strike, “except for the terms of the Agreement” between It’s A Laugh Productions and SAG-AFTRA.
  • Season 6 of the hit series is currently airing on the network, but production on Season 7 was currently underway, with filming reportedly having been completed on 12 episodes of the 20 episode season complete, leaving 8 left to be produced.
  • The seventh season of the show makes the hit series the longest-running live-action Disney Channel series. BUNK’D continues to perform for the channel as one of the top 10 live-action series among kids 6-11 years old. Series regulars Miranda May (Lou), Trevor Tordjman (Parker), Mallory James Mahoney (Destiny), Israel Johnson (Noah), Shiloh Verrico (Winnie), Luke Busey (Jake) and Alfred Lewis (Bill) are all set to return.
  • In Season 6, we follow the series in Dusty Tush, Wyoming, where Lou, Parker, Destiny and Noah have been working double time to get the new Kikiwaka Ranch up and running, learning new ranch skills, acquainting themselves to the townsfolk and welcoming their new campers.
  • It’s been a bumpy start, but campers Bill, Winnie and Jake have loved their time at summer camp. In addition to perfecting his cowboy skills, Bill is discovering his fellow campers may be just as fun to hang out with as herding cattle. Winnie is learning to reign in her thrill-seeking needs, and Jake is realizing how exciting real-life can be away from video games. Meanwhile, counselors and campers band together to hunt for a mysterious treasure that is said to be hidden somewhere on the ranch.