New Episode of “20/20” Explores the Case of a Serial Killer Who Acted as an FBI Informant While Concealing Crimes

On an all-new episode of 20/20, they will explore the case of a serial killer who acted as an FBI informant while concealing crimes. This program will feature interviews with convicted serial killer Scott Kimball’s sons and former cellmate. This episode will air on May 12 (9:01–11:00 p.m. EDT) on ABC and the next day on Hulu.

What's Happening:

  • When her 19-year-old daughter went missing in 2003, Lori McLeod believed her boyfriend, Scott Kimball, who told her he worked for the FBI, could help find her daughter.
  • Three years later, what began as a check fraud investigation led officials to a shocking conclusion: the very man McLeod trusted to find her daughter was actually her killer.
  • In a new 20/20, ABC News correspondent John Quiñones unpacks Kimball’s secret life of horrific crimes, exploring his elaborate web of deception and the evidence linking Kimball to multiple murders, some of them committed while he was an FBI informant.
  • The two-hour program features exclusive interviews with Kimball’s sons Cody and Justin, who share disturbing claims about Kimball’s alleged violence towards his own family, which Kimball denies, and Jimmy Tanksley, a former cellmate who initially agreed to help Kimball with a daring escape plan from prison, but instead alerted authorities to the plan.
  • The episode also includes the first network interviews with Kimball’s ex-wife Larissa and former FBI Special Agent Carle Schlaff, who used Kimball as an informant, as well as additional interviews with the parents of Kimball’s victims and federal and local investigators who helped recover the bodies and bring Kimball to justice.
  • 20/20 airs Friday, May 12 (9:01-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC, next day on Hulu.