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The live-action family comedy follows Cooper (Coop) and Cameron (Cami) Wrather, two middle school siblings who co-host Coop’s online show “Would You Wrather.” With the help of their little brother Ollie and Coop’s best friend Fred, the duo fields offbeat questions and results to the show’s millions of followers (aka Wratherheads) who help them solve problems – both mundane and madcap. Every day is an adventure in the Wrather’s hectic household, which also includes their older sister Charlotte and mom Jenna, as Coop and Cami tackle adolescence and everyday family situations with humor and heart.

Coop & Cami Ask the World Episode List

Season 2
Episode Date Title Description
28 9/11/2020 Would You Wrather Have A Snow Day? Cami goes to great lengths to try and persuade Principal Walker to call a snow day and cancel school, including enlisting their local weatherman Duke Thunders for help.
27 8/14/2020 Would You Wrather Move?
26 8/7/2020 Would You Wrather Have a Pig in a Cowboy Hat?
25 7/17/2020 Would You Wrather Be The Wagners?
24 6/26/2020 Would You Wrather Rip Your Pants?
23 6/19/2020 Would You Wrather Crash a Wedding?
22 6/12/2020 Would You Wrather Dress Like A Pilgrim When Jenna doesn’t approve of Cami’s new look, which includes makeup, and a grown up dress, Cami has a fashion standoff with her mom to gain more independence.
21 6/5/2020 Would You Wrather Say Goodbye?
20 6/4/2020 Would You Wrather Go to Prom? A friend of Fred’s ruins Charlotte’s prom dress while Cami is trying it on, and now Cami and Jenna desperately seek a replacement for it.
19 6/3/2020 Would You Wrather Live With Kramsky? When Cooper needs money to go to an out-of-state tournament with his hockey team, Cami secretly rents out their garage to help him raise funds. For some reason, Jonathan is hiding something from Charlotte.
18 6/2/2020 Would You Wrather Have a Secret Admirer? The Wrather webkids struggle to keep Delaware from finding out that the boy who has a crush on her is Ollie. Fred suspects that Charlotte is cheating on her current boyfriend with her ex-boyfriend.
17 6/1/2020 Would You Wrather Lose Your Bestie When Cami tells Delaware she doesn’t want to take up a new hobby with her, Pam takes advantage and tries to steal Delaware as a best friend.
16 4/10/2020 Would You Wrather Have Your Mom Bust You Out? When Principal Walker gives Cami Saturday detention for something she didn’t do, she’ll have to miss her big dance competition. With her family’s help, Cami attempts the most daring detention escape.
15 4/3/2020 Would You Wrather Trash a Friend? When Coop and Fred go on a recycling spree to prove they care about the Earth, they accidentally throw away a sculpture that was donated for Charlotte’s fundraiser.
14 3/27/2020 Would You Wrather Turn 13? When Coop and Fred mistakenly take the juice bar barista Jen for Ariana Grande, they invite her to Cami’s 13th birthday party, and she then tells everyone how excited she is to have her favorite singer at her party.
13 3/26/2020 Would You Wrather Have a World Record? Coop and Cami are excited to use Ollie’s talent for burping to break a world record, but in order to do so, they have to break Ollie out of his piano recital.
12 3/25/2020 Would You Wrather Take A Dive? When Cami’s ongoing prank war with Pam causes Charlotte to bite her tongue and lose her ability to speak clearly, Cami must take her place at the debate team regional finals.
11 3/24/2020 Would You Wrather Watch A Ferret? Cami and Charlotte decide to use their mom’s new house listing as a secret place to hang out.
10 3/23/2020 Would You Wrather Skate Circles Around Your Sister? Cami is excited to compete in a pairs figure skating competition at the rink – until Charlotte decides to enter too.
9 12/7/2019 Would You Wrather Lose Your Presents? It’s Christmas time for the Wrathers and their friends.
8 11/23/2019 Would You Wrather Live in an Igloo? Cami and Ollie try to prove that they are responsible enough to choose their own bedtime by moving out of the house and into a giant igloo in their backyard.
7 11/16/2019 Would You Wrather Be Caught In the Middle? Cami struggles when she inadvertently reveals secrets that Cooper and Peyton didn’t want the other to know.
6 11/9/2019 Would You Wrather Get High Honors? In order to get high honors at school, Cami needs to get an ‘A’ in her visual arts class – but her attempt at documentary filmmaking goes off the rails!
5 11/2/2019 Would You Wrather Have a Frozen Phone? Cooper is nervous as he prepares for an upcoming Junior Firefighters test. Meanwhile, Cami is involved in an epic prank war with her new rival Pam.
4 10/26/2019 Would You Wrather Get a Selfie? Cami and Fred are excited to see their favorite band in concert, but when Cami is offered a single VIP ticket, she must decide what her friendship with Fred means to her.
3 10/19/2019 Would You Wrather Be The Weakest Link? Cami discovers that Tara is planning to replace Delaware on the NPC Dance Team, and struggles when she realizes that it may inadvertently be her fault.
2 10/12/2019 Would You Wrather Sing or Fly? Charlotte asks Coop to be a part of her singing group for the week, which temporarily takes him away from Would You Wrather and causes Cami to struggle with the idea of sharing her brother.
1 10/5/2019 Would You Wrather Catch an Evil Bunny? When a new online show, run by a person in a bunny costume, “Which Would You Prefer” threatens Would You Wrather, Coop, Cami, and Fred set out to find who is behind the mask. Meanwhile, Charlotte gets Jenna on social media.
Season 1
Episode Date Title Description
21 4/13/2019 Would You Wrather Help a Wrather Cooper struggles to complete “Would You Wrather” challenges without Cami, now that she has quit to focus on dance full time.
20 4/6/2019 Would You Wrather Just Dance? When Cami learns Tara didn’t choose her for the dance team because she spends too much of her time on “Would You Wrather,” she is determined to prove she can do both. Meanwhile, Coop tries to enlist famous school alum Tracey Kruger to join his 500th “Would You Wrather” show.
19 3/30/2019 Would You Wrather Have Dance Face? Cami and Delaware try out for the dance team, but when Cami discovers Delaware makes a goofy face when she’s dancing, Cami worries that they won’t make the team.
18 3/23/2019 Would You Wrather Back Down? When Coop and Cami learn there is one spot left for the drama elective, they fight over who should get the remaining slot.
17 3/16/2019 Would You Wrather Wreck a Record? Cami loses her confidence when Minty gets in her head during an archery contest.
16 3/9/2019 Would You Wrather Take a Worm Shower? Thanks to Coop and Cami’s latest “Would Your Wrather” stream, the duo must go to school as hip-hop leprechauns. Meanwhile, Charlotte enlists her sister to help her break up with her boyfriend.
15 3/2/2019 Would You Wrather Catch a Fish? Cooper tries to teach his little brother Ollie how to fish but their fishing trip goes awry when Fred thinks their excursion is part of a prank war between him and Coop.
14 2/16/2019 Would You Wrather Have a Beard? When Charlotte’s unexpected bad grade on her report card puts the family trip in jeopardy, Coop and Cami come up with a plan to hide their sister’s grade from their mom.
13 2/16/2019 Would You Wrather Lose a Luau? When Cami inadvertently loses the money for the upcoming school dance event, the only person willing to help her is a quirky new classmate named Delaware.
12 2/19/2019 Would You Wrather Move to Canada? Cooper is upset to learn that Peyton is moving to Canada and doesn’t seem sad to be leaving.
11 2/2/2019 Would You Wrather Be the Heart or the Hammer? When Cooper and Cami learn that their local ice rink is going to be sold and torn down, they try to devise a plan to encourage the owner to keep the place but can’t agree on the best tactic.
10 1/26/2019 Would You Wrather Escape? Cooper uses an escape room game as a way of forcing Cami and Fred to hash out their issues.
9 1/19/2019 Would You Wrather Be Orange? Inspired by his favorite telenovela, Fred enlists Ollie to help him devise a big romantic surprise for Cooper and Peyton’s reunion.
8 12/7/2018 Would You Wrather Get a Moose Angry? The kids work together to try and make Jenna’s wish of a classic Wrather Christmas come true but a major snowstorm and a disgruntled moose disrupt their holiday.
7 11/30/2018 Would You Wrather Build a Sled? When Charlotte backs out of their annual “Snowling” tradition for a sleepover with her friends, Cami sets out to sabotage her sister’s sleepover.
6 11/16/2018 Would You Wrather Get Lost? Jenna warns Coop and Cami they have to start taking better care of their little brother Ollie or he won’t be able to be their test pilot on the show anymore. The duo tries to step up but wind up losing Ollie at the mall.
5 11/9/2018 Would You Wrather Be the Principal’s BFF? Cooper is shunned at school after his classmates think he’s becoming friends with Principal Walker.
4 11/2/2018 Would You Wrather Have Potato Pants? Charlotte enlists the help of Coop and Cami in an effort to become a member of the school’s popular a Capella group, The Glamtronics.
3 10/26/2018 Would You Wrather Put a Sock in it? In his dad’s absence, Cooper starts to take on projects around the house only to find out he is a horrible handyman and Cami has been fixing his mistakes secretly.
2 10/19/2018 Would You Wrather Have a Hippo? Cami’s chances of winning the class election for social chair are at stake when accidentally reveals that he still sleeps with his childhood stuffed Hippo named Ho-ho during one of their live segments.
1 10/12/2018 Would You Wrather Take Your Mom to the School Dance? Coop and Cami are preparing for the school dance when they learn their mother is ready to start to dating again, now that it’s been two years since their father passed away. Much to their dismay, the date is their school principal.

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