On May 20th, Disney Springs at the Walt Disney World Resort will begin phased reopenings. During this time, third-party operating participants will be able to decide if, when, and to what capacity they resume operations. Below is a list of Disney Springs dining and retail locations and the currently-announced status of their reopening.

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4 Rivers Cantina Barbacoa Food TruckDiningNow OpenMarketplace4 Rivers Cantina Barbacoa Food TruckNow Open
Alex and AniShoppingNot Yet AnnouncedTown CenterAlex and AniNot Yet Announced
AMC Disney Springs 24 Dine-In TheatresDiningNot Yet AnnouncedWest SideAMC Disney Springs 24 Dine-In TheatresNot Yet Announced
American ThreadsShoppingNow OpenTown CenterAmerican ThreadsNow Open
Amorette’s PatisserieDiningNow OpenTown CenterAmorette’s PatisserieNow Open
AnthropologieShoppingNow OpenTown CenterAnthropologieNow Open
AristoCrepesDiningNow OpenMarketplaceAristoCrepesNow Open
B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co.DiningNow OpenMarketplaceB.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co.Now Open
BasinShoppingNow OpenMarketplaceBasinNow Open
Bibbidi Bobbidi BoutiqueShoppingNot Yet AnnouncedMarketplaceBibbidi Bobbidi BoutiqueNot Yet Announced
Blaze Fast-Fire’d PizzaDiningNow OpenTown CenterBlaze Fast-Fire’d PizzaNow Open
Build-A-DinoShoppingNow OpenMarketplaceBuild-A-DinoNow Open
Chapel HatsShoppingNow OpenThe LandingChapel HatsNow Open
Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’DiningNow OpenThe LandingChef Art Smith’s Homecomin’Now Open
Chicken Guy!DiningNow OpenTown CenterChicken Guy!Now Open
City Works Eatery & Pour HouseDiningNow OpenWest SideCity Works Eatery & Pour HouseNow Open
CoachShoppingNow OpenTown CenterCoachNow Open
Coca-Cola StoreShoppingNow OpenTown CenterCoca-Cola StoreNow Open
Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage BarDiningNow OpenTown CenterCoca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage BarNow Open
Columbia SportswearShoppingNow OpenTown CenterColumbia SportswearNow Open
Cookes of DublinDiningNow OpenThe LandingCookes of DublinNow Open
Crystal ArtsShoppingNow OpenMarketplaceCrystal ArtsNow Open
D-Luxe BurgerDiningNow OpenTown CenterD-Luxe BurgerNow Open
Dino-Store at T-REXShoppingNow OpenMarketplaceDino-Store at T-REXNow Open
Disney PhotoPass StudioShoppingNot Yet AnnouncedMarketplaceDisney PhotoPass StudioNot Yet Announced
Disney Pin TradersShoppingNow OpenMarketplaceDisney Pin TradersNow Open
Disney’s Candy CauldronShoppingNow OpenWest SideDisney’s Candy CauldronNow Open
Disney’s Days of ChristmasShoppingNow OpenMarketplaceDisney’s Days of ChristmasNow Open
Disney’s Wonderful World of MemoriesShoppingNow OpenMarketplaceDisney’s Wonderful World of MemoriesNow Open
DisneyStyleShoppingNow OpenWest SideDisneyStyleNow Open
Dockside MargaritasDiningNot Yet AnnouncedMarketplaceDockside MargaritasNot Yet Announced
Drawn to LifeExperienceNot Yet AnnouncedWest SideDrawn to LifeNot Yet Announced
Earl of SandwichDiningNow OpenMarketplaceEarl of SandwichNow Open
Edward Beiner Purveyor of Fine EyewearShoppingNow OpenTown CenterEdward Beiner Purveyor of Fine EyewearNow Open
Enzo’s HideawayDiningNot Yet AnnouncedThe LandingEnzo’s HideawayNot Yet Announced
Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYCDiningNow OpenThe LandingErin McKenna’s Bakery NYCNow Open
Ever After Jewelry Co. & AccessoriesShoppingNow OpenTown CenterEver After Jewelry Co. & AccessoriesNow Open
Everything But WaterShoppingNow OpenTown CenterEverything But WaterNow Open
eyCathcers CartShoppingNow OpenThe LandingeyCathcers CartNow Open
Face Painting KioskShoppingNot Yet AnnouncedMarketplaceFace Painting KioskNot Yet Announced
francesca’sShoppingNow OpenTown Centerfrancesca’sNow Open
Free PeopleShoppingNow OpenTown CenterFree PeopleNow Open
Frontera CocinaDiningNow OpenTown CenterFrontera CocinaNow Open
Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate ShopDiningNow OpenMarketplaceGhirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate ShopNow Open
Goofy’s Candy CompanyShoppingNow OpenMarketplaceGoofy’s Candy CompanyNow Open
Haagen-Dazs KioskDiningNow OpenWest SideHaagen-Dazs KioskNow Open
Happy HoundShoppingNow OpenMarketplaceHappy HoundNow Open
Harley-DavidsonShoppingNot Yet AnnouncedTown CenterHarley-DavidsonNot Yet Announced
HavaianasShoppingNow OpenThe LandingHavaianasNow Open
House of Blues Gear ShopShoppingNow OpenWest SideHouse of Blues Gear ShopNow Open
House of Blues Restaurant & BarDiningNow OpenWest SideHouse of Blues Restaurant & BarNow Open
Initial RingsShoppingNot Yet AnnouncedMarketplaceInitial RingsNot Yet Announced
Jaleo by Jose AndresDiningNot Yet AnnouncedWest SideJaleo by Jose AndresNot Yet Announced
Jock Lindsey’s Hangar BarDiningNot Yet AnnouncedThe LandingJock Lindsey’s Hangar BarNot Yet Announced
Joffrey’s Coffee & TeaDiningNow OpenThe LandingJoffrey’s Coffee & TeaNow Open
Joffrey’s Smoothies (Marketplace)DiningNow OpenMarketplaceJoffrey’s Smoothies (Marketplace)Now Open
Joffrey’s Smoothies (West Side)DiningNow OpenWest SideJoffrey’s Smoothies (West Side)Now Open
JOHNNY WASShoppingNow OpenTown CenterJOHNNY WASNow Open
Johnston & MurphyShoppingNot Yet AnnouncedTown CenterJohnston & MurphyNot Yet Announced
Kate Spade New YorkShoppingNow OpenTown CenterKate Spade New YorkNow Open
Kiehl’sShoppingNow OpenTown CenterKiehl’sNow Open
KipilingShoppingNow OpenTown CenterKipilingNow Open
L’Occitane en ProvenceShoppingNot Yet AnnouncedTown CenterL’Occitane en ProvenceNot Yet Announced
LacosteShoppingNow OpenTown CenterLacosteNow Open
Lefty’s – The Left- Hand StoreShoppingNow OpenMarketplaceLefty’s – The Left- Hand StoreNow Open
Levi’sShoppingNow OpenTown CenterLevi’sNow Open
Lilly PulitzerShoppingNow OpenTown CenterLilly PulitzerNow Open
LovepopShoppingNow OpenThe LandingLovepopNow Open
Lucky BrandShoppingNow OpenTown CenterLucky BrandNow Open
Luxury of TimeShoppingNow OpenTown CenterLuxury of TimeNow Open
MAC CosmeticsShoppingNot Yet AnnouncedTown CenterMAC CosmeticsNot Yet Announced
Maria & Enzo’s RistoranteDiningNot Yet AnnouncedThe LandingMaria & Enzo’s RistoranteNot Yet Announced
Marketplace Co-OpShoppingNow OpenMarketplaceMarketplace Co-OpNow Open
Melissa ShowsShoppingNot Yet AnnouncedTown CenterMelissa ShowsNot Yet Announced
Memory LanesShoppingNot Yet AnnouncedWest SideMemory LanesNot Yet Announced
Morimoto AsiaDiningNow OpenThe LandingMorimoto AsiaNow Open
Na HokuShoppingNow OpenTown CenterNa HokuNow Open
NBA ExperienceExperienceNot Yet AnnouncedWest SideNBA ExperienceNot Yet Announced
NBA StoreShoppingNot Yet AnnouncedWest SideNBA StoreNot Yet Announced
OakleyShoppingNow OpenThe LandingOakleyNow Open
Once Upon a ToyShoppingNow OpenMarketplaceOnce Upon a ToyNow Open
OriginsShoppingNot Yet AnnouncedTown CenterOriginsNot Yet Announced
Orlando Harley-DavidsonShoppingNot Yet AnnouncedTown CenterOrlando Harley-DavidsonNot Yet Announced
PaddlefishDiningNow OpenThe LandingPaddlefishNow Open
Pandora JewelryShoppingNow OpenTown CenterPandora JewelryNow Open
Paradiso 37, Taste of the AmericasDiningNow OpenThe LandingParadiso 37, Taste of the AmericasNow Open
Pearl FactoryShoppingNot Yet AnnouncedMarketplacePearl FactoryNot Yet Announced
Pele SoccerShoppingNow OpenWest SidePele SoccerNow Open
Pepe by Jose AndresDiningNot Yet AnnouncedWest SidePepe by Jose AndresNot Yet Announced
Pizza PonteDiningNow OpenThe LandingPizza PonteNow Open
Planet HollywoodDiningNow OpenTown CenterPlanet HollywoodNow Open
Pop GalleryShoppingNow OpenWest SidePop GalleryNow Open
Raglan Road Irish Pub and RestaurantDiningNow OpenThe LandingRaglan Road Irish Pub and RestaurantNow Open
Rainforest CafeDiningNot Yet AnnouncedMarketplaceRainforest CafeNot Yet Announced
Rainforest Cafe Retail VillageShoppingNot Yet AnnouncedMarketplaceRainforest Cafe Retail VillageNot Yet Announced
Ron Jon Surf ShopShoppingNow OpenTown CenterRon Jon Surf ShopNow Open
Royally YoursShoppingNow OpenThe LandingRoyally YoursNow Open
Rustic CuffShoppingNow OpenThe LandingRustic CuffNow Open
SanukShoppingNow OpenThe LandingSanukNow Open
Savannah Bee CompanyShoppingNow OpenThe LandingSavannah Bee CompanyNow Open
SephoraShoppingNow OpenTown CenterSephoraNow Open
Shop for IrelandShoppingNow OpenThe LandingShop for IrelandNow Open
ShoreShoppingNow OpenTown CenterShoreNow Open
Silhouette Portraits CartShoppingNot Yet AnnouncedMarketplaceSilhouette Portraits CartNot Yet Announced
Sosa Family CigarsShoppingNow OpenWest SideSosa Family CigarsNow Open
SperryShoppingNow OpenTown CenterSperryNow Open
SplitsvilleDiningOpening July 10thWest SideSplitsvilleOpening July 10th
SprinklesDiningNow OpenTown CenterSprinklesNow Open
StanceShoppingNow OpenTown CenterStanceNow Open
Star Wars Galactic OutpostShoppingNow OpenWest SideStar Wars Galactic OutpostNow Open
Star Wars Trading PostShoppingNow OpenMarketplaceStar Wars Trading PostNow Open
Starbucks (Marketplace)DiningNow OpenMarketplaceStarbucks (Marketplace)Now Open
Starbucks (West Side)DiningNow OpenWest SideStarbucks (West Side)Now Open
STK OrlandoDiningNow OpenThe LandingSTK OrlandoNow Open
Sugarboo & Co.ShoppingNow OpenTown CenterSugarboo & Co.Now Open
Sunglass IconShoppingNow OpenWest SideSunglass IconNow Open
Sunshine Churros (Marketplace)DiningNow OpenMarketplaceSunshine Churros (Marketplace)Now Open
Sunshine Churros (West Side)DiningNow OpenWest SideSunshine Churros (West Side)Now Open
Super Hero HeadquartersShoppingNow OpenWest SideSuper Hero HeadquartersNow Open
SuperdryShoppingNow OpenTown CenterSuperdryNow Open
Swings N’ Things – The Hammock ExpertsShoppingNot Yet AnnouncedThe LandingSwings N’ Things – The Hammock ExpertsNot Yet Announced
T-REXDiningNow OpenMarketplaceT-REXNow Open
Terralina Crafted ItalianDiningNow OpenThe LandingTerralina Crafted ItalianNow Open
The Art CornerShoppingNow OpenMarketplaceArt CornerNow Open
The Art of DisneyShoppingNow OpenMarketplaceArt of DisneyNow Open
The Art of ShavingShoppingNow OpenThe LandingArt of ShavingNow Open
The BOATHOUSEDiningNow OpenThe LandingBOATHOUSENow Open
The Daily PoutineDiningNow OpenMarketplaceDaily PoutineNow Open
The EdisonDiningNot Yet AnnouncedThe LandingEdisonNot Yet Announced
The GanacheryShoppingNow OpenThe LandingGanacheryNow Open
The LEGO StoreShoppingNow OpenMarketplaceLEGO StoreNow Open
The Polite PigDiningNow OpenTown CenterPolite PigNow Open
The Spice & Tea ExchangeShoppingNow OpenMarketplaceSpice & Tea ExchangeNow Open
The Store at Planet HollywoodShoppingNot Yet AnnouncedTown CenterStore at Planet HollywoodNot Yet Announced
The VOIDExperienceNot Yet AnnouncedMarketplaceVOIDNot Yet Announced
Tommy BahamaShoppingNow OpenTown CenterTommy BahamaNow Open
Tren-DShoppingNow OpenMarketplaceTren-DNow Open
TUMIShoppingNow OpenTown CenterTUMINow Open
UGGShoppingNow OpenTown CenterUGGNow Open
Under Armour Brand HouseShoppingNow OpenTown CenterUnder Armour Brand HouseNow Open
UNIQLOShoppingNow OpenTown CenterUNIQLONow Open
UNOde50ShoppingNow OpenTown CenterUNOde50Now Open
Vera BradleyShoppingNow OpenTown CenterVera BradleyNow Open
Vivoli il GelatoDiningNow OpenThe LandingVivoli il GelatoNow Open
VolcomShoppingNow OpenTown CenterVolcomNow Open
Wetzel’s Pretzels (Marketplace)DiningNow OpenMarketplaceWetzel’s Pretzels (Marketplace)Now Open
Wetzel’s Pretzels (West Side)DiningNow OpenWest SideWetzel’s Pretzels (West Side)Now Open
Wine Bar GeorgeDiningNow OpenThe LandingWine Bar GeorgeNow Open
Wolfgang Puck Bar & GrillDiningNow OpenTown CenterWolfgang Puck Bar & GrillNow Open
Wolfgang Puck ExpressDiningNot Yet AnnouncedMarketplaceWolfgang Puck ExpressNot Yet Announced
World of DisneyShoppingNow OpenMarketplaceWorld of DisneyNow Open
YeSake KioskDiningNow OpenWest SideYeSake KioskNow Open
ZARAShoppingNow OpenTown CenterZARANow Open
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