On July 9th, Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort will begin phased reopenings. During this time, third-party operating participants will be able to decide if, when, and to what capacity they resume operations. Below is a list of Downtown Disney dining and retail locations and the currently-announced status of their reopening.

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Asian Street EatsDiningNow OpenAsian Street EatsNow Open
Ballast Point Brewing Co.DiningNow OpenBallast Point Brewing Co.Now Open
Black Tap Craft Burgers & ShakesDiningNow OpenBlack Tap Craft Burgers & ShakesNow Open
California ChurroDiningNow OpenCalifornia ChurroNow Open
California SoleShoppingNow OpenCalifornia SoleNow Open
Catal RestaurantDiningNot Yet AnnouncedCatal RestaurantNot Yet Announced
Crazy Shake Window by Black TapDiningNot Yet AnnouncedCrazy Shake Window by Black TapNot Yet Announced
Curl SurfShoppingNow OpenCurl SurfNow Open
Disney HomeShoppingNow OpenDisney HomeNow Open
Disney’s Pin TradersShoppingNow OpenDisney’s Pin TradersNow Open
Earl of SandwichDiningNow OpenEarl of SandwichNow Open
JambaDiningNow OpenJambaNow Open
Kayla’s CakesDiningNow OpenKayla’s CakesNow Open
La Brea Bakery CafeDiningNow OpenLa Brea Bakery CafeNow Open
La Brea Bakery ExpressDiningNot Yet AnnouncedLa Brea Bakery ExpressNot Yet Announced
Marceline’s ConfectioneryShoppingNow OpenMarceline’s ConfectioneryNow Open
Naples Ristorante e BarDiningNow OpenNaples Ristorante e BarNow Open
Napolini PizzeriaDiningNot Yet AnnouncedNapolini PizzeriaNot Yet Announced
PANDORA JewelryShoppingNow OpenPANDORA JewelryNow Open
Ralph Brennan’s Jazz KtichenDiningNot Yet AnnouncedRalph Brennan’s Jazz KtichenNot Yet Announced
Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Ktichen ExpressDiningNot Yet AnnouncedRalph Brennan’s Jazz Ktichen ExpressNot Yet Announced
Rinse Bath & Body Co.ShoppingNow OpenRinse Bath & Body Co.Now Open
Salt & StrawDiningNow OpenSalt & StrawNow Open
SephoraShoppingNow OpenSephoraNow Open
Splitsville Luxury Lanes – BowlingExperienceNot Yet AnnouncedSplitsville Luxury Lanes – BowlingNot Yet Announced
Splitsville Luxury Lanes – DiningDiningNot Yet AnnouncedSplitsville Luxury Lanes – DiningNot Yet Announced
SprinklesDiningNot Yet AnnouncedSprinklesNot Yet Announced
StarbucksDiningNow OpenStarbucksNow Open
Starbucks WestDiningNow OpenStarbucks WestNow Open
Sugarboo & Co.ShoppingNow OpenSugarboo & Co.Now Open
Sunglass IconShoppingNow OpenSunglass IconNow Open
Taqueria at Tortilla Jo’sDiningNot Yet AnnouncedTaqueria at Tortilla Jo’sNot Yet Announced
The Disney Dress ShopShoppingNow OpenDisney Dress ShopNow Open
The LEGO StoreShoppingNow OpenLEGO StoreNow Open
The VOIDExperienceNot Yet AnnouncedVOIDNot Yet Announced
Tortilla Jo’sDiningNow OpenTortilla Jo’sNow Open
Uva BarDiningNow OpenUva BarNow Open
Wetzel’s Diggity DogDiningNow OpenWetzel’s Diggity DogNow Open
Wetzel’s PretzelsDiningNow OpenWetzel’s PretzelsNow Open
WonderGround GalleryShoppingNow OpenWonderGround GalleryNow Open
World of DisneyShoppingNow OpenWorld of DisneyNow Open
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