Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Park Hours

Disneyland 8a-12a
EMH & Magic Morning 7a-8a
Disney California Adventure 8a-9p




Casey Jr. Circus Train, Reopens May 24 (Disneyland)
Red Car Trolley, Reopens 2020 (Disney California Adventure)
Sailing Ship Columbia, Reopens TBD (Disneyland)
Silly Symphony Swings, Reopens May 24 (Disney California Adventure)
Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough, Reopens Spring (Disneyland)
Storybook Land Canal Boats, Reopens May 24 (Disneyland)
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Reopens May 24 (Disneyland)
Fairy Tale Treasures, Reopens May 24 (Disneyland)
Alien Pizza Planet, Reopens May 24 (Disneyland)
Enchanted Chamber, Reopens TBD (Disneyland)

Today’s Weather

Park Entertainment Schedules

Flag Retreat Ceremony 4:30p
Mickey’s Soundsational Parade 3:30p, 6p
The Straw Hatters 9a, 10a, 10:55a, 12:05p, 1p, 1:55p, 2:55p
The Bootstrappers 9a, 10a, 11a, 12p, 3:30p
Disneyland Band at Frontierland 11:40a, 1:30p
Disneyland Band at Main Street, U.S.A. 10:45a, 12:30p, 2:55p, 4:30p, 5:25p
Jambalaya Jazz 1:05p, 2:05p, 3:05p, 4:45p, 5:35p, 6:35p, 7:35p
The Laughing Stock Co. 12:15p, 1p, 2p, 3:30p, 4:30p, 5:15p
Main Street Piano Player 11:15a, 12:15p, 1:15p, 2:10p, 3p, 4:15p, 5p
Pearly Band 10a, 11a, 12p, 1:35p, 2:30p, 3:30p, 4:30p
Storytelling at Royal Theatre 10:45a, 12p, 1:15p, 3p, 4:15p, 5:30p
Disney California Adventure
Disney Junior Dance Party! 10:30a, 11:30a, 12:30p, 2:15p, 3:15p, 4:15p
Five & Dime 2:35p, 3:50p, 4:55p, 6:10p, 7:10p, 8:15p
Frozen – Live at the Hyperion 12p, 3p, 5p
Red Car Trolley News Boys 10:30a, 11:35a, 12:40p, 2:05p, 3:20p, 4:30p
World of Color 9p
Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Dance Off! 11:15a, 12:25p, 1:45p, 3p, 4:15p, 5:25p
Heroic Encounter: Captain America 9a
Meet Pixar Pals at Pixar Pier 8a
Operation: Playtime! – featuring the Green Army Men 11:30a, 12:30p, 1:30p, 2:35p, 3:25p, 4:15p
Paradise Garden Bandstand Presents Pixarmonic Orchestra 1:15p, 2:15p, 3:15p, 4:45p, 5:45p, 6:45p
Citizens of Buena Vista Street 7:30a
Mariachi Divas 11a, 12p, 1p, 2p

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