What I Got for Christmas

Now that Christmas is over, I thought I would go over the top ten "gifts" I was given this Christmas:

10. Enchanted broke the $100 Million mark.  Its great that a Disney movie loved by the fans is doing well with the general public as well.  Just like "Newsies" did.    Or not.

9. How to Set Up Your Home Theater premiered with my most anticipated movie, "National Treasure: Book of Secrets".  I know everyone was looking forward to it, and I am happy to say I was not disappointed.  I especially liked the nice touch of using the traditional Goofy opening titles, keeping it in line with the rest of the Goofy shorts.

8. Over the five day weekend, National Treasure: Book of Secrets made nearly $45 million.  This is better than the original did.  I loved the film, and I hope this means NT3 is around the corner (as soon as the writers get back to work). 

7. In 34 days Lost returns to ABC with the 8 episodes it got to finish before the strike,  8 is one of the numbers…coinciedence, I think not

6. We got our first look at the latest version of  "Bolt". And while this is the 15th version of the main character I have seen, I think I might like him.  While the film is CGI, the look seems to be different enough to set it apart not only from non-Disney output, but the Pixar collection as well.

5.  Who knew?  The top rated show on ABC last week was the network's presentation of The Santa Clause 2, part of The Wonderful World of Disney.   Granted the show was tied for 20th place, and was one of only two ABC shows in the top 25, but none the less it was the top rated show on ABC that week.

4. New Disney acquasition, Club Penguin, gave away $1 million, divided among three charities based upon how children donated their virtual coins.  As a direct result of how much support it received from the children during the 10-day online giving campaign, The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, which works to prevent pediatric HIV infection and to eradicate AIDS in children around the world, will receive $394,000. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) will receive $330,000 towards its efforts to protect the planet and help build a future where people live in harmony with nature while $276,000 will go to Free The Children, whose primary goals are to free children from poverty and exploitation and free young people from the notion they are powerless to affect positive change. Thanks Club Penguin for embracing the Disney value of giving back.

3. The Mark VII Monorails arrived at the Disneyland Resort.  I love the retro look.  And while I'm not a big fan of monorails, it was time for Disneyland to get an upgrade.

2. Regis and Kelly… 'nuff said

1. Our video of the day, featuring a salute to all theme parks, but mostly the Disney ones.