Starbucks Comes to Disneyland’s Main Street

The Market House looks largely unchanged from Main Street

Starbucks has arrived on Main Street USA in Walt Disney’s original magic kingdom, Disneyland. The new store opened quietly on Thursday, September 26. There was a brief ceremony for cast members before public hours began.

The new coffee shop is quite large by Disneyland standards, occupying all the space previously used for both the Market House and Disneyana. There are seven storefronts on Main Street USA that now access this single Starbucks. In 1955 the Yale and Towne Lock Shop, Ellen’s Gifts, a pen shop, and Swift’s Market House occupied the space.

There is a new “story” connected with this shop. It seems that Mr. Peavidy, a retired schoolteacher, always dreamed of running his own little coffee shop on Main Street. He also hoped to provide a little book nook for his dear wife. After collecting items from various sources, he achieved his goal. The book nook (or Book Rest, as the exterior signs say) is in the corner that was the entrance to Disneyana. Inside his coffee shop, Mr. Peavidy has arranged various cabinets and cupboards, along with everything needed to make and serve coffee.

Sharp-eyed visitors will find a few familiar items among the shop’s appointments. The pot-bellied stove that greeted visitors just inside the front door for 58 years has been moved around the corner into the Book Rest. The checkerboard resting on the barrel, along with two convenient chairs has been placed against a wall. Up in the ceiling, five original green-shaded light fixtures have been joined by six other varieties of lighting.

The 1890 “party line” phones may still be found in Starbucks. The folks on the other end of the line have finally started talking about something new, however. Rather than discussing the activity on Main Street, burning barns, and nosy neighbors, they now talk about the new coffee shop. (Many years ago, they used to talks about the wonders of Swift’s Premium Meats!)

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