Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Super Adventure! DVD

Mickey and the gang discover it’s not enough to have super powers, they have learn to work together when a mysterious “bad guy” shrinks the Clubhouse, Minnie’s Bowtique and other Toon locations. My son and I had a great time watching the latest DVD “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Super Adventure.” We enjoyed watching the Clubhouse heroes explore their new abilities. I loved Gideon’s concern over whether or not they would succeed in saving the Clubhouse. He was completely wrapped up in the adventure — hands to the face, asking me “are they going to save the Clubhouse?” We sat curled up together on the sofa until the crew were successful and dancing their celebratory hot dog dance.
Although Disney owns Marvel, this super hero themed episode reminded me of classic DC comics. Mickey develops Superman like flying ability and super strength, Minnie Mouse has golden bows that become a lasso, Donald is given super speed while Goofy gets super stretch which provides lots of comedic visuals. Even the episodes’scene transitions — a zoom in on the Clubhouse Heroes symbol — brought to mind the Super Friends’ transitions which would zoom in on the Justice League building between scenes.
Packaged with the DVD is a collection of postcards featuring the Clubhouse Heroes including a lenticular illustrating the episode’s theme “Teamwork is the Ultimate Super Power.”
Along with the Super Adventure the DVD features three additional episodes : Aye, Aye, Captain Mickey – the Clubhouse friends help Mickey recover his lucky coin, Mickey’s Mousekersize – the clubhouse friends help Pete learn the importance and benefits of exercise and Mickey’s Little Parade – the Clubhouse friends search for a group of wind-up tin musicians.
As well as enjoying the clubhouse episodes the dvd offered an intriguing preview of the upcoming Disney Fairies film, Pirate Fairy:
Note: A free copy of this DVD was provided to us for review purposes.