On April 19th, a new addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom made her debut. Professor Woodson from the Dino Institute and his/her pet velociraptor “V” or Val (depending on who you ask) started taking “Jurassic Jaunts” around Dinoland U.S.A.

There were no scheduled times for this expeirence. The professor just heads out to take V for a exploratory walk. V is not a show per se, it is an unstructured chance to see a “real live dinosaur” walking around.  Because of this, people weren’t really sure what to make of it. The Prof talks to and about V as they walk around giving bits of info to the guests walking with them. The professor mostly just talks to V about the world. The backstory of V, as told to me by a cast member, is that Professor Woodson helped raise V from birth and is now taking her out to see the world.

Previously, Lucky the Dinosaur met guests in Dinoland U.S.A. V is very different than Lucky as she is not an audio-animatronic.

Woodson and V are scheduled to appear at Disney Animal Kingdom through May 4.


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