If you’ve spent any time in the Disney Store you have undoubtedly noticed the mountain of plush.  Heck, chances are, you’ve dug through that mound looking for your favorite character.  This week I’m going to take a closer look at some of the Star Wars plush that  have been available since May 4th.

Lets start with the Jawa


This little guy stands 10 inches tall and is loaded with detail!  His robe is made of a soft brown woven fabric.  His eyes and the bandages that wrap the Jawas face are embroidered, and his feet and pouches have printed detail.


I’ve always loved the Jawas, and this guy doesn’t disappoint.  The Jawa is priced at a very reasonable $9.95, and makes a great addition to any Star Wars collection.  One final detail on the Jawa is the silver droid caller that he holds in his right hand, which is perfect for finding your plush R2 when he runs off in search of Obi Wan.


The plush R2 is about 7 inches tall, and is covered in printed detail.   From a collectors standpoint, I’m not a huge fan of this one.  I’ve never cared for robots and armored characters as plush.  Their designs just don’t lent themselves to a stuffed product, because you can’t achieve the hard lines required to properly replicate the characters look.  I wouldn’t purchase an Iron Man or a Buzz Lightyear in plush form either.


I do think that while this item fails as an adult collectable, it’s a wonderful option for younger Star Wars fans.  Poseability certainly isn’t a normal feature on plush, but R2’s dome rotates 360 degrees adding to the characters playability.  Of course, if your 3 year old Star Wars fan sends R2 careening towards, oh say, the head of another 3 year old who happens to love Star Trek…no one will get hurt.  At $9.95, R2 is a great buy for the younglings!

My favorite of the new plush is by far the Bantha!


I can’t say enough good things about this guy.  He’s huge at 10 inches tall, and an impressive 21 inches long from nose to tail!  He’s covered in long brown fur, and the selection of fabrics used for his horns and saddle are perfect, there’s even some nice embroidered detail!


The Bantha is just $19.95, making this one a must have!


While I haven’t picked him up yet, this trio of plush is joined by a 19 inch tall Chewbacca that is also priced at just $19.95.  Easy to say that Disney has done a great job with their first assortment of Star Wars plush, and I look forward to future releases.  I’ve seen prototype images of a plush Tauntaun, and I’m going to pick him up as soon as he’s available.  Here’s hoping that a Wampa will pop up eventually as well.  Do I need to start a letter writing campaign to get some plush Ewoks?  If there was ever a creature in the Star Wars Universe screaming to be made into an assortment of plush, it’s the Ewoks!

While you’re at the Disney Store trying to decide which plush to buy, why not pick up a Star Wars shirt as well.  Let’s face it, if you’re a Star wars fan you can never have enough T-shirts, right?  There are some really neat designs available, and here are a couple of mine…

This one features cool artwork of Vader, a Tiefighter Pilot, and a Stormtrooper.  The red and blue highlights really make this design pop!


I loved the poster design first seen on that May the Fourth pin they gave away at the Disney Store, so picking up this shirt was a no brainer, and the design looks even better blown up.  The colors are vibrant, and the individual images selected for each character are perfect.  I’d love to see an art print or even an actual poster of this design being sold.


Before I send you off in quest of Star Wars merchandise, I thought I’d share a picture of that third and final set of Star Wars collector cards that the Disney Store was giving away…


All in all, a very nice set of cards.  Hopefully you remembered to pick up a set while they were around.  If not, you may have to hunt these freebies down on the secondary market.

Until next time…may the Force be with you!