A view from Future World West

For those of you who tuned into the most recent addition of the LPP (Episode title “Se7en”), then you heard a fantastic discussion on the crew’s Disney Deal Breakers & Makers. I thought I would share my Top 3 of each to start the conversation in the discussion boards and on our social media outlets (Our Twitter is pretty darn fun, if I do say so myself).


  1. If you think anything Disney and Tim Burton is automatically magical, I’ll be glad to show you to the door. Did I enjoy his interpretation of Alice in Wonderland? Yes, quite a lot actually. However, just making something “creepy” and slapping on Tim’s name doesn’t mean it is the best thing since sliced bread. Like Nightmare Before Christmas, for example. It’s kooky and different, but overall a rather boring tale. Yeah, I said it…come at me!
  2. People who say “Epcot has, like NO rides” are the most annoying people on the face of the planet. Epcot is a gorgeous park with amazing theming, incredible attractions, and the best thing to ever happen to a Disney park ever…World Showcase. Try to spend half a day at Epcot and get everything done. YOU CAN’T! IT’S IMPOSSIBLE! YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY TO YOU!
  3. I’m about to alienate myself from the entire podcast crew…but adults who enjoy Once Upon A Time is a big deal breaker. I just don’t understand how one can enjoy such a quintessential “Jump-The-Shark” show that is constantly trying to grab for ratings whilst putting out crappy dialogue and awful special effects. Actually, scratch that, horrendous special effects. Billy Eichner once asked a question that “What’s scarier: A serial killer on the loose or an adult who watches Once Upon A Time?” For me…the answer is the latter.



  1. If you can recite the entire preshow to “Ellen’s Energy Adventure,” I want to be your best friend and go get froyo with you on the weekends. It is my favorite attraction solely based on the script. The funniest attraction to ever hit a Disney theme park and the ride system is pretty remarkable. The fact that it doesn’t get a lot of attention depresses me quite a lot.
  2. Pushing Daises and Better Off Ted fans are my people. Two hilarious, way ahead of their time shows that only received two seasons, but yet in that time, produced killer comedies that are both quirky and poignant. Kristin Chenoweth won an Emmy for her brilliant work on Pushing Daisies, luckily. If you aspire to work for Veridian Dynamics…tweet me. I want to be friends.
  3. DCOM Musical fans are forever the best people in my book. High School Musical, Camp Rock, The Cheetah Girls. These are the films that helped build my generation, and thank goodness they did. If you are in a car with me and a Hannah Montana or Raven Symone song comes on, I will immediately shut you up and belt ‘till my heart’s content. They are just the best

So, what are your deal breakers and deal makers? Let me know in the comments below or on the discussion boards!