Who among us hasn’t dreamed of obtaining the Disney Princess look? While we may never have the royal lineage, grace, and gorgeous wardrobe The Walt Disney Company has made it slightly easier to feel like a princess (or villain, or fairy!) In early 2013, The Walt Disney Company entered the cosmetic industry with their Beautifully Disney collection.  Originally offered exclusively in Walt Disney World and Disneyland the first collection, Wickedly Beautiful, featured nail polishes, eye shadow pallets, lip glosses, and cosmetic accessories (soft cases and pouches). These products drew reference from classic Disney princesses and villains. (Think Snow White, Evil Queen, and the like).  The collection became so popular that it became available on-line at disneystore.com and new color schemes emerged focusing on more current princesses (Mulan, Tiana, and Merida).  Disney continues to capitalize on the cosmetic success and within the past year audiences have been able to purchase make-up inspired by Disney fairies, Minnie Mouse, and Alice in Wonderland.


Naturally, I couldn’t wait to add Beautifully Disney to my ever growing make-up collection. (I mean, can you really ever have too much!?)  I have nail polishes from the very first release (Just One Bite and Off to the Ball) and the Fantasy in Flight 4 pack mini nail polish.  The 4 pack contains the following colors; Spriteful, Wish Come True, Star Struck, and Something Sassy.  I am extremely impressed by the quality of these nail polishes.  The colors are not thin but go on vibrant and smooth with even coating. For the best coverage, I put on two coats of polish which is the general average.  Most importantly for a nail polish is the chip factor. The colors last at least four to five days before chipping. (Keep in mind; it is important to use a good quality base and top coat). As for the cost, the full sized bottles (0.3 fl oz./9mL) run roughly $11 while the 4 packs (0.14 fl oz.) are about $25. At first, these prices may seem expensive but they are in line with other name brand, salon quality polishes. Given that some of the colors are quite unique and the quality, I would consider the pricing fair. I suggest purchasing them online at disneystore.com and utilizing a promo code to save additional money.


The other item I purchased was also from the “Wickedly Beautiful” line and is the Enchanted Kiss eye shadow quad pallet. While the majority of the eye shadows offered by Beautifully Disney are bright and vibrant, those from Enchanted Kiss are much more muted and subtle.  There are three browns; light, medium, dark and a light pink perfect for accenting.

Personally, I really like these eye shadows. The colors from this pallet are complimentary to multiple skin tones and are versatile in creating different looks. The shadows work best with a primer as the glitter in the brown tends to fall off with one, but that is a normal challenge of any glitter eye shadow. The eye shadows go on lightly and smoothly and do not crease during wear. For the lighter colors you do have to apply an extra amount to make them truly “pop” but that is generally true with light colors from Cover Girl, Revlon, and Neutrogena.  The only down side about the eye shadow quad is the price of $27.95. For some reason, it just seems expensive to me even though I know that high quality eye shadows from MAC, Clinique, and Channel go for more.


Overall, I think Beautifully Disney is a quality product with exciting shades and cosmetic accessories. I gladly would purchase other items from past and present collections.  I look forward to purchasing and testing some of the accessories such as Minnie Mouse nail files, Alice in Wonderland cosmetic sponges, and any of the specialty brushes. For the Disney fan, Beautifully Disney is a great addition to your make-up collection.




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