A Walk Thru Downtown Disney with a Special Flyby

Right now no other place at Walt Disney World is under more construction than Downtown Disney. Between Disney Springs work, the new parking structure, and the new I-4 ramp that will lead right to DTD it is hard to throw a Tsum Tsum without hitting a construction works.

Just driving in the area you can see massive ground clearing and road work to accommodate the new off ramp.






Once you are able to find parking, not a easy feet now-a-days, you can see some of the work that will lead to a very large parking structure on what used to be a ground lot.




As we take a look around DTD Westside one of the things that stands out the most is the lowering of ticket prices for Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba, dropping almost 12 dollars, and the new color scheme that has taken over this side, the dark blue and silver. While it has been a few months since Disney Quest has been painted they have slowly been changing all the other buildings also.





Heading toward the former Pleasure Island area we see some more of the overhead area is built up that will overlook the Food Truck Park and give more space for the party atmosphere.



Almost all of the former PI area is walled off with it becoming The Landing area of Disney Springs with more restaurant area.



Once past the walled area you head back into the Market Place which also is under major work working to expand walk ways and a pedestrian bridge connecting T-Rex Cafe area to the Rainforest Cafe area.





Thankfully most of the Market Place area is still just as it has been for the time being and a great place to relax.




As for the Flyby I walked about in the title, Once Upon A Toy hosted a signing of Planes Fire & Rescue merchandise by Director and Co-Write Robert “Bobs” Gannaway. Bobs was a great guy and was just thrilled to be there, he spent a few minutes talking with everyone he could during the signing and I could just tell his passion for the film in every word he said.








One of the last things to catch my eye while at Once Upon A Toy was the display of the newest crazy to sweep the Disney world, Disney Tsum Tsum. If you are not sure what a Tsum Tsum is, it’s a stackable plush of different Disney characters that is all the crazy is Japan and just coming our way now.