The Disneyland Resort continues to offer many wonderful opportunities to its Annual Passholders. And why not? They are fun, and it makes Passholders feel as they are a part of the Disney fan community.

This time, a safari theme took over as special sing alongs of “The Jungle Book” and “The Lion King” took place inside Stage 17 at Disney California Adventure. The registration process was fairly easy. Each Passholder was allowed to bring up to five guests, who all had to be Passholders. “The Jungle Book” Sing Along was held September 29 and 30. Registration at the event was very easy. If you had pre-registered, a special line was set up for you. If you didn’t pre-register, it was okay. As long as you had a valid annual pass, you were admitted to the movie as long as there was room. I attended the 4pm show on September 29, and there was plenty of room for everyone who wanted to attend.


As I entered Stage 17, Cast Members were handing out safari hats, and complimentary popcorn and drinks. There were trees and plants set up around Stage 17 to make it feel as if you were in a jungle and/or on a safari. About 20 minutes before the movie started, our host for the Sing Along came out on stage and let us know there was going to be a trivia contest about “The Jungle Book” as well as special surprises.

The trivia contest consisted of questions from “The Jungle Book.” No prizes were given to those who answered correctly, but it was fun to play along. Some were fairly easy, but there were a couple that really made you think.


Kids were invited up on stage to give their best Shere Khan roar. Four kids made it to the final round, and each received a Mickey Mouse plush for participating. Baloo and King Louie made an appearance right before the movie started to say hello. There was no special show or song and dance from them. They just appeared on stage for a few moments, and departed.

Finally, it was movie time. Several times during the movie, our host appeared for a few moments when it was time to sing along. And if you didn’t remember the words, they appeared on the screen. The sing along part was interactive. For example, we were told to march like an elephant during “Colonel Hathi’s March” and hiss like Kaa during “Trust In Me.” This made it seem more enjoyable, and kept thr audience entertained as well.


At the end of the movie, we were thanked for attending the sing along, and departed Stage 17 to enjoy the rest of our day at the Resort.

So, if you missed this sing along, don’t worry. I’m sure there will be other events. The last several announcements have been made on the Disneyland AP Twitter account and on the Disneyland AP Facebook page. So make sure you are following them accordingly.