It’s almost the end of the 2014 and that can mean only one thing. As we prepare for 2015 we reflect on our personal accomplishments of 2014. We also take a moment to plan the things we hope to achieve in 2015. If you’re like me, my New Year’s resolutions tend to look the same every year – work out more, finally loose those extra pounds. So, I decided to shake things up a bit and make Disney New Year’s resolutions…and if I happen to exercise more and lose weight because of them…all the better!

Beginning January 1st 2015, I plan to seize the “Disney” day by doing the following;

1. Watch those lesser known animated Disney movies that are collecting dust on my shelf Examples: The Rescuers, Rescuers Down Under, Oliver and Company, Black Cauldron

2. Read a new Disney book every month – can be from any genre and reading category

3. Learn more about a particular Disney subject Example: Research the details on all forms of transportation at Walt Disney World or research the backstory of all Walt Disney World Resorts

4. Make one Disney recipe a week (use Disney cookbooks, online resources, DVC magazines)

5. Read a randomly picked selection from A to Z The Official Disney Encyclopedia every night

6. Finally set up my Walt Disney World vacation savings account – create direct debit from paycheck

I think I can actually say I’m excited about my resolutions for 2015! So…what are you planning? Remember for best success keep them simple, specific, and timely. Good Luck and here’s to a promising 2015!!
to a promising 2015!!



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