Being a fan of Disney merchandise, I find myself often perusing the Disney Store’s online site. Truth be told, I do it every morning, usually with coffee as my co-pilot. Like most online stores, its updates can be rather a mixed bag of the interesting and the uninspired. However, I think that issue has been improving as of late and there are many items to be excited for. Here are some of the more recent highlights!

For the Disney Parks collector:


The Haunted Mansion Glass Ball Ornament – Red (US$18.95)

I know I am not the only one celebrating the recent influx of new Haunted Mansion goodies and I am really digging these new ornaments (there are three available, sold separately) bearing recognizable ride images. The red one is decorated with the Stretching Room’s gargoyles, while the green and purple showcase different motifs from the Mansion’s eye-catching wallpaper.


Vinylmation Minnie Mouse 3” figure – The Gallopin’ Gaucho (US$12.95)

Okay, this one is technically not from the Disney Parks. Coming to the site exclusively from the Walt Disney Studios Store in Burbank, California, the Gallopin’ Gaucho Minnie Mouse Vinylmation is definitely a the rare one. The artist for this figure is Enrique Pita.


Disney Villains MagicBandits set (US$6.95)

For those of you who already have a Disney World vacation planned, the Disney Store is stocking up on recently released MagicBand accessories. The Disney Villains MagicBandits are a great example of the kind of trinkets you can use to personalize your MagicBand. And if you ask me, the world needs more Scar merchandise.

For the child in all of us:


101 Dalmatians Tsum Tsum Mini Plush Collection (US$4.95 each)

The Tsum Tsum craze is still chugging along at full speed and the most recent collection does a wonderful job of showcasing how much character you can fit into such a simple shape. The 101 Dalmatians Tsum Tsum Collection consists of Cruella De Vil, Rolly, Lucky, and Patch; each measuring 3 and a half inches long.


Cinderella Disney Film Collection Doll – Live Action Film (US$34.95)

The upcoming live-action Cinderella movie has some pretty sweet outfits. I especially love the ballgown with butterfly detail. Doesn’t it look lovely on the doll? She, of course, comes with her glass slippers.


Rocket Raccoon and Groot ArtFX+ figure by Kotobukiya (US$64.95)

It’s awesome to see Kotobukiya be represented at the Disney Store. Their figures are amazing and if you think the price is a tad steep, trust me, you are paying for a quality item. Also available from Kotobukiya’s ArtFX+ figure line are Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Hulk.

For the clothes horse:


Disney Princess Sleep Set for Women (US$24.95; on sale for US$20)


Okay, I honestly just like the look of these. It is a Disney Princess-themed night set with the actual characters present and, for some reason, that appeals to me. Plus, it’s 100 percent cotton. I see no downside here.


Cinderella Nightgown for Girls (US$29.95)

I used to have a Wendy nightgown just like this. I wore it until the seams basically wore down. If a little girl wants to play pretend in dreams, I say go for it.


Mickey Mouse “Chalkboard” Tee for Adults – Walt Disney World (US$24.95)

Yes, yes. This could be filled under Parks merchandise but I didn’t want to have the gentlemen be left of the fun. If you have visited the Disney Parks recently, you have probably noticed the Chalkboard-themed merchandise line (cups, frames, and things). The design style is neat and has a nice textured appearance to it.

For the little ones:


Dumbo Plush Blankie for Baby (US$12.95)

Oh goodness, this too darling! Dumbo even has a little felt feather in his trunk. I also love that you can roll up the blanket portion and have Dumbo “hold” it with the velcro between his front and back feet.


Casey Jr. Long Sleeve Tee for Baby (US$16.95)

Everything about this shirt fabulous. First of all, it is Casey Jr. and even has his famous line, “All Aboard”, written in the steam. And it just adore that the art wraps around to the back of the tee.

For the 90’s kid:

The Disney Store recently listed a “new” batch of DVDs from old Disney Afternoon shows. I noticed that some were marked as “Volume 2” or “Volume 3,” so you will need to look for previous box sets if you want to start from the beginning.


DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp DVD (US$12.95)


Gargoyles Season 2 Volume 2 DVD 3-Disc Set (US$12.95)


TaleSpin Volume 3 2-Disc DVD Set (US$12.95)




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