Part of the fun of a trip to Orlando is bringing things home to remember the trip and to share with friends and family.  But what are the best souvenirs to get?  Follow along as I list my top ten Disney World souvenirs, from the iconic must-haves like Mickey Mouse hats to more unusual fare. Of course, I’ll add a few that won’t bust your budget too. Ready to shop? Let’s go!

Disney Mouse Ears Copyright



1) Mickey Mouse Ears

Mickey Ears are a Disney classic.  Every member of the family, from babies to grandparents, likes to sport these ears around the parks.  Go for the original version, or show your personality with a limited-edition style.  There are countless designs, from Minnie Mouse to Star Wars themes to matching bride and groom hats.  You can even have your hat monogrammed at The Chapeau on Main Street (Magic Kingdom), Five and Dime (Hollywood Studios), and Mouse Gear (Epcot).  At a starting price of $13.95, monogrammed Mickey hats are one of the more reasonably-priced yet memorable Disney keepsakes.



2) Character Autographs and Photos

Imagine meeting your favorite Disney Character.  Ear-to-ear grins and spontaneous hugs – what could possible make it better?  How about scoring a character autograph? For kids, this is one of the most entertaining things to do at Disney World.  Make your own customized Disney autograph book before you go, or buy one at the park.  Collecting signatures from everyone from Mickey Mouse to Buzz Lightyear will bring a smile today and tomorrow.  It’s a timeless Disney souvenir that’s virtually free.



3) Animation Academy Drawings

You can make your very own character drawing at Animation Academy for a one-of-a-kind keepsake. Located at Hollywood Studios, classes are held every 30 minutes and are completely free! Learn how to draw a Disney character, no matter your drawing skills.  Then, take your drawing home and frame it for a nice memento of your Disney World vacation.

4) Disney Trading Pins

Pins are extremely popular at Walt Disney World.  There’s a whole culture surrounding them, and trading pins makes you feel a part of it all.  Purchase a few starter pins, put them on a lanyard, then trade with other guests and cast members.  Pins range from common to rare, but one thing is always true: pins made inside the park are always higher quality.

5) Ride Photos

Smiles captured on ride photos are ones you’ll want to remember forever.  The unfiltered faces are usually some of the best candid moments.  If you’re familiar with the ride, you can pinpoint when the ride takes your photo.  Pose for a hilarious gag or feign a straight face for laughs.  Either way, these souvenir photos are usually some of the best. At $12.95 apiece, they can add up, though.  Be sure to purchase the Disney Attractions+ package ($44.95) before you go for big savings.  You’ll get digital downloads of photos taken on eight rides at nearly half the typical cost.

6) Pick a Pearl

Always wanted to pick your own pearl? At the Mitsukosho store of Epcot World Showcase Japan you can.  Choose an oyster, then watch as a cast member opens it to reveal its treasure.  Oysters will have one or two pearls, with the gnarliest looking oysters typically boasting the larger bounty.  Keep them as-is, or have them set in jewelry right there in the store.

7) Personalized Chinese Parasol

I had one of these as a kid, and twirling it around brought endless hours of joy.  Simple yet stylish, these beautiful umbrellas are made even better with a personalization in Chinese. Found at kiosks in the China section of Epcot, these $10-14 parasols are a useful and unique Disney World souvenir.



8) Specialty Toys

There is certain merchandise you can only get at Disney World.  One such is Star Wars sets like a build-your-own light saber and build-your-own droid, which are sold at Tatooine Traders Hollywood Studios.  At Once Upon a Toy in Downtown Disney, you can find exclusive Mr. Potato Head parts as well as just about any toy you can buy within the Disney parks.  This store is really, really big and has every Disney toy imaginable.  LEGO Center is another favorite toy spot.   Disney themed LEGO sets, unique mini-models and other character specific series create build-it-yourself entertainment back home.

9) Silhouette Souvenir

A silhouette drawing is a distinct way to capture a Disney memory.  Have a silhouette drawn of your child, or do a couple’s pose to commemorate your Disney vacation.  The elegant, Victorian-inspired pieces can be done in as little as 60 seconds yet last a lifetime.  At locations like Epcot World Showcase France, Main Street and Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney you can purchase one for only $12.

10) Disney World Christmas Ornament

Show off your love off Disney during the holidays with Disney World Christmas ornaments.  You can purchase holiday-themed items all year-long at Ye Old Christmas Shoppe (Magic Kingdom) and Downtown Disney, and just about everywhere during November and December.  Make it extra special by getting names, dates or special occasions written on your Disney ornaments for a few extra dollars.

Follow this list for the best Disney World Souvenirs and you’ll bring a piece of the magic home with you once vacation ends.

Ashley Dickey is Reserve Orlando‘s travel expert, visiting Orlando to find the best travel tips, money-saving deals and insider information. With over 10 years of experience in first-hand-travel adventures, she shares her stories, advice, and current events to help you stay in the know.