Disney is known for jaw-dropping attractions, magical character interactions, and top-of-the-line guest service, but there’s also a lot to praise for their culinary quality. This includes their ability to craft amazing desserts that will satisfy any sweet tooth. To celebrate National Chocolate Cake day, here are some of the best desserts (and of course, chocolate cakes) in Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and aboard the Disney Cruise Line.

24 Layer Chocolate Cake
Where to Get It: Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland Hotel
Cost: $15

You read that right. 24 layers of chocolate sponge cake, milk chocolate and dark chocolate with Nutella. Mmmmmm Nutella. This chocolate cake is arguably the best in all the parks – it’s definitely the best chocolate cake at Disneyland – and it’s served in one of the best Disneyland Resort restaurants. The cake is moist, creamy and loaded with chocolate goodness.

Insiders Tip: For a chocolate coma, substitute the vanilla ice cream that comes on the side with chocolate ice cream, there’s no extra charge.

Darth Vader Chocolate Cupcake
Where to Get It: Disney’s Hollywood Studios during Star Wars events
Cost: $5.75

So you like dark chocolate — what about Dark Side chocolate? With a mix of peanut butter and, of course, lots of chocolate, this treat is tempting for Jedis and Siths alike. It was even featured in a fun spot for the now-cancelled Star Wars Weekends.

Insiders Tip: Pairs well with the Darkside Chicken and Waffles.

Not-to-be-missed Disney Cruise Chocolate Souffle (Image via Disney)

Palo Chocolate Souffle
Where to Get It:  Palo on all four Disney Cruise Line ships
Cost: $30 per person at Palo for dinner and dessert.

Little known fact: the word “souffle” is French for “warm heaven.” OK, that’s not true, but the latter term perfectly describes this dish, served with extra chocolate and vanilla sauces on the side along with some vanilla ice cream. Can’t catch a cruise right now? You can also try Disney’s chocolate souffle recipe to make this one for yourself.

Insiders Tip: Even if you see another dessert that you want, get the souffle as well. It’s a cruise so there’s no charge for multiple desserts and you won’t regret at least trying it.

The Best Chocolate Cake in Disney World (Image courtesy of DisneyFoodBlog.com)

Beaches Chocolate Cake
Where to Get It: Beaches and Cream, Beach Club Resort, Walt Disney World
Cost: $8

Any Disney World dessert aficionado will tell you that when waves of sugar craving hit you, there’s no better place to head that Beaches and Cream. Despite its reputation for ice cream, they also have, in our opinion, the best chocolate cake in Disney World. This lovely layered cake maintains a positive all-important cake to icing ratio and pairs perfectly with ice cream.

Insiders Tip: Beaches and Cream is famous for its ice cream. Pick your favorite flavor and pair it with this delicious chocolate cake.

The decadent Chocolate Pudding Cake (Image via DiningAtDisney.com)

Chocolate Pudding Cake
Where to Get It: Yak and Yeti at Animal Kingdom
Cost: $8.99

Soft, decadent, and delicious — this is a chocolate lover’s dream! It’s also drizzled with a raspberry sauce to add a touch of tart to this rich pudding perfection.

Insiders Tip: Enjoy a decadent dessert while listening to the delightful screams of riders on Expedition Everest.

The Chocolate Mousse Cake – The Most Exclusive Chocolate Cake on our List. (Image courtesy of DisneyFoodBlog.com)

Chocolate Mousse Cake
Where to Get It: Club 33 at Disneyland
Cost: If you can afford to join Club 33, you’re not concerned about what it costs.

Unlike the other options on this list, Disneyland’s fabled Club 33 isn’t the type of place where you can just drop in and grab some dessert. That said, if you have the opportunity to visit, you must try their dessert… literally — it’s included with their four course meal. Since their major renovation a few years ago, the Club has put a new emphasis on their food, which includes frequent changes to their dessert menu to compliment their seasonal menus. However some of this delectable classic seems to still make the cut every time, and for good reason.

Insiders Tip: With the Club’s menu changing seasonally, this item might not always be the same but you can be assured it will always be tasty.

As of publishing date this information was correct. Please be aware that prices and menu items change over time.