Disney-Inspired Small Shops Continue To Blossom!

Earlier this year, we introduced you to some people creating their own merchandise that lets you show your Disney side and we are back to feature some more great stores and great people. We were graciously gifted all the products featured (Thank you, store owners!) and I am thrilled to share their awesome products with you!

Craftiest Place on Earth

Megan over at CFOE left her day job in 2015 to pursue something she was actually passionate about and ending up starting the shop in January of 2016. Her design process for her products (which feature some of the best deep-cut references out there) is a lot of trial and error, she says. Megan does a ton of research to make sure she’s creating something new and different that you can’t purchase elsewhere. This season, her Violet Lemonade shirt has been a huge success, but her Phoenician shirt is also a constant hit. (Side Note: When I purchased my Violet Lemonade whilst wearing the shirt, it was as if Vanessa Hudgens was there. The entire cast at Pineapple Promenade, and a few guests, went crazy for it!) She was really excited when she was featured over on the DisUnplugged podcast, but also when she was personally recognized in the parks! In the near future, there are some fun collections planned for the shop, along with a move off of Etsy to her own webpage to further expand the store and the brand.

Glittering Dixie

After a pair of ears Kelly made were worn by her daughter, Maureen, on her YouTube channel, her subscribers wanted to purchase them and from there, the shop came to fruition! The design process is different than other stores as no two pairs are alike. Kelly enjoys gingham and floral fabrics that she can use to reference a character. Her grapevine flower crown ears have been a big hit with her customers thus far. A Disney Travel Agent made a large order of ears to give to her own customers that sent Kelly over-the-moon! The future is bright for the site, with removable ear hats for those who want the option coming soon to the shop!

DCrew Design

Ashton has been a constant Disney World visitor her entire life, she wanted to be able to subtly show her affection for Disney in her real life without it being overbearing. She decided to open her Disney Parks-based bracelet shop in August of 2016. Her bracelets are all very minimalist, with clean lines and beautiful lettering, so the design process mostly surrounds finding the perfect quote. She has a selection available in her shop, but it can also become a customizable experience for her customers. Ashton did tell me that she sometimes cries tears of joy for being able to be apart of special moments with her bracelets, through things like wedding or anniversary gifts, and I completely understand the feeling! Her skinny gold band is her most popular base, while “Great Big, Beautiful Tomorrow” is one of her most popular quotes. After a fashion blogger posted a photo of her bracelets on Instagram…which was then reposted by the Alex & Ani account, her notifications exploded and the store took off. She plans on expanding into other forms of jewelry later down the line and has loved being a small part of the Disney community!

Fantasy Flair

Natalie had been toying with opening a shop based around the vinyl decals she had been making for family and friends in her spare time, but finally decided to take the plunge at the beginning of the year. She is in the early stages of her shop, but the MagicBand name decals have been successful thus far. Most of her designs come from Disney icons that can be created into stickers, all with a personalization option. She has a lot of ideas for designs and products and is looking forward to releasing them as her store continues to grow!

Mouse Made Monograms

Becca was a former sorority girl who was taking her knowledge of crafting and DIY and thinking up her own creations in her head every time she saw a pair of ears on Instagram. She finally decided to open her own shop on Etsy as she had no idea how to start a small business. Her and her husband spend a lot of time in the craft store looking for various fabrics and materials. Her husband puts his art background to good use, helping with colors and patterns. Becca makes she the products are unique and not product you can buy on all the other ear shops. She loves that their most popular products are the wedding ears, as she knows she gets to play a part in someone’s special day. 1000 Instagram followers was a big milestone for the store and Becca is exciting for it to grow even more. Their goal is to introduce a line of matching ball caps for people who want to join in the fun, just without the ears.

It’s A Spa World After All

Megan’s shop is brand-spanking new! She decided to open an Etsy shop as a creative way to save money for Disney trips. She fell into making spa products as in 2012 she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. One of the few things that relieves her pain is a warm bath, so she became an avid searcher for the best bath products, but decided to just make them herself! Her creation process uses a lot of imagination, as she tries to imagine what the smells would be like in certain film scenes or at the parks. For example, she took inspiration for her Lost Princess scent from the scene in Tangled where Rapunzel is getting her hair braided. Megan imagined what the flowers in her hair would smell like and the scent was born! Her most popular item thus far is her beard oils (which surprises her!) and her proudest moment has been her first sale. Upcoming products include a Grey Stuff whipped body butter that sounds amazing!

See Ya Real Soon Ears

Amber made her own ears to wear to the parks about a year ago since she was on a budget, but after she received so many compliments at the parks, she decided to open her own shop. Her design process starts when she finds a good fabric and the ears go from there, taking about 1-2 hours for each pair. Her light pink velvet ears have been her most successful (Us millennials love our pink!), which she attributes to their softness and simplicity. Her first order is one of her best friends, so she’s always proud seeing her rock them. She can’t wait for the future and hopes her shop continues to grow!

Cassell Tees

Melissa had been wanting to start a Disney-based entrepreneurial journey for a while and in January of this year, her and her husband, Rhett, took the leap and opened their shop. Their design process stems from love. They pop-in a Disney movie, grab their laptops, and start creating different designs. Whichever ones they both truly love are the ones that go up for sale. They had a super popular Wishes shirt to honor its glowing away that became their shop’s staple. The day that Wishes announced its closing, they had 35 orders in one day and finally became profitable. Melissa noticed that they were in the green while on Space Mountain and she went crazy! They adored being a part of the Disney fandom and are excited to keep bringing in new designs. On top of that, they recently started a guest blog on their site, which they are also excited about!

Lost Boys Club

Aaron has always been a big t-shirt collector, specifically ones with Disney and Star Wars designs, so he decided to create his own. After playing around with illustrating a crest for the Lost Boys, it became the store’s name and the first tee sold. Usually designs start when watching a Disney movie and getting some ideas. He creates digital designs and really takes the time to refine it to make sure it’s perfect. Even though he was hesitant about the design, the Never Grow Up hats are the biggest hit, selling out faster and faster with every restock. His proudest moment was a fellow family member seeing an entire family decked out in their shirts. The store hopes to expand to different apparel, but will keep releasing more awesome shirt designs!

I highly recommend you check out and support any of these great shops! Also, thanks to my friend Becky for taking these phenomenal pics, and for Becky and Skyler for being in them

Marshal Knight
Marshal Knight is a pop culture writer based in Orlando, FL. For some inexplicable reason, his most recent birthday party was themed to daytime television. He’d like to thank Sandra Oh.