Thor, in all forms, is battling against multiple enemies in The Mighty Thor #700. Whether it is The Mighty Thor Jane Foster, The War Thor Volstagg, the Unworthy Thor (which is the Thor who is coming soon to a movie theatre near you) or even Throg the Frog of Thunder, Thor is everywhere and all over the place. A coming war with Malekith and his attack on the Norns, the weavers of fate, is the central focus of the story. By the end of the comic, a massive fight is looming with the returned monster Mangog, who is itching to fight the War Thor Volstagg.

My Opinion 

This isn’t a spoiler alert because it is on the cover of the comic, but the tagline to the comic is The Death of the Mighty Thor. Someone’s going to die, and throughout this part 1 of the beginning story, I really had no idea who was going to die. It must be the Jane Foster version of Thor, she is battling cancer, and her time is limited. Foster is also known as The Mighty Thor.

The number of panels throughout the book that show her in her debilitating state when she is receiving treatment for her cancer do not paint a rosy picture of the future. Then again it might not be her, and it could easily be the death of the Thor who is the Odinson.

Known as the Unworthy Thor, he is trying to regain his honor and prestige by helping to defend Karnilla: Queen of the Norns from an attack by Malekith. This unworthy Thor is down on his luck, short-haired, and trying to rebuild his place amongst the gods of Asgard.

Of course, it could also be the War Thor Volstagg. Having regained his own mythical weapon, he has been reborn as the War Thor and believes he will end the carnage that Malekith has started. At the end of the book with a looming battle with Mangog, his life could be in danger.

Maybe the upcoming death is of Throg the Frog of Thunder. I hope it is.

The point that I am trying to make is that there is a lot of information in this book, and it seems like every second page we are jumping from dimension, time, and character plotlines. We might be in the middle of the battle between Jane Foster and She-Hulk, and then the next page we are brought back to 896 A.D. where we watch young Thor God of the Vikings hanging out with the humans of Earth.

Then we jump to a future Earth where an older wiser version of Thor the Odinson councils the humans who live on Earth. Then out of nowhere Thanos, Ego, and Galactus all have bit parts to a broad story that ends with the reader wondering what is going to happen. It’s Thor, and I like Thor the character and have enjoyed the storyline of Jane Foster as Thor, but I feel like some of The Mighty Thor #700 could have been shortened or spread out.

At times it was hard to follow, and my interest started to wane. Writer Jason Aaron has crafted a complex and epic story and the multitude artists captured the numerous characters well, giving them emotion and depth in their bit parts. I just wanted fewer people and more focus on a couple of characters.

It will be interesting to see how the story continues. Brace yourselves, I suspect there will be more than one death to come.