Henry and Henrietta are back in a brand new children’s book! I first met these oinky siblings two years ago when their first book, Pigs and a Blanket, was released by Disney Hyperion. In that book, these adorable kids were fighting over their favorite green blanket. But this time around, they’re getting along just fine trying to do the impossible in When Pigs Fly.

Henrietta is busy making a movie with her camera about a giant gorilla that terrorizes a city when Henry has the brilliant idea that he is going to fly. Henrietta lets him know that pigs can’t fly, but as he begins to try different things to achieve the impossible, she begins to take interest and helps him out. In the end, they find a practical way to make themselves fly, one that’s sure to make kids and parents chuckle.

Author and Illustrator James Burks was previously a Disney animator, lending his talents to The Emperor’s New Groove, Treasure Planet, and Home on the Range before focusing on children’s books. His style is a lot of fun with great colors and textures. The infamous green blanket from the first book also makes a surprise appearance for readers paying close attention.

The lesson kids learn from When Pigs Fly is that they can do so much when they work together with their friends or siblings. Their wildest dreams can become possible through team work and compromise.Through the illustrations, you will also notice that Henrietta and Henry are sharing, something that was a challenge for them in Pigs and a Blanket, and both books can be used to discuss sharing and teamwork with your kids.

When Pigs Fly is a delightful story that teaches the importance of sharing ideas and working together. There’s more to the story beyond the text on every page when kids and parents study the artwork. If you love the story and artwork, be sure to check out James Burk’s website for more original artwork and other books by the author.