Suitcase and a Dream – Mickey Mouse

2018 marks the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse stepping off the train to find his big break. Okay, maybe that story is a little too California, but it is the 90th anniversary of the main mouse’s big screen debut in Steamboat Willie — and D23 is giving you the best gift of allAs part of this huge milestone The Walt Disney Company announced a year-long celebration having to do with everything Mickey! Of course, D23 The Official Disney Fan Club was ahead of the game when they rolled out the 2018 Gold Member Gift at the start of the year.

D23 2018 Gold Member Gift

This Gold Member Gift contains 23 very special items celebrating Mickey Mouse from his debut all the way up his name being part of the entrance area of the newest of the Disney Parks, Shanghai Disneyland. These items are must-haves for any Mickey fan!

1 – Steamboat Willie Original Script Pages (1928)
2 – Mickey Mouse Comic Strip Fan Card (1931)
3 – Miniature Cel from Parade of the Award Nominees (1932)
4 – Mickey and Minnie Doll—McCall Printed Pattern No. 91 (1932)
5 – Hyperion Studio “Ickymay Ousmay” Crest (ca. 1933)
6 – Carl Laemmle Scrapbook Page Art (ca. 1935)
7 – Walt Disney Productions Logo (1940s)
8 – The Nifty Nineties Animation Drawing (1941)
9 – Aircraft Worker Insignia Sticker (ca. 1942)
10 – “Walt Disney and Staff” Christmas Card (1947)

“Walt Disney and Staff” Christmas Card (1947)

11 – Television Prop “Book” (1954) and Portrait Enclosure (1953)
12 – Television Commercial Model Sheet (1954)
13- The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Record Cover (Disneyland Records, ca. 1957)

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Record Cover (Disneyland Records, ca. 1957)

14 – “Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club” Mouseketeers Fan Card (1957)
15 – Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse Revue Attraction Poster (1971)

Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse Revue Attraction Poster (1971)

16 – Disneyland Backstage Cast Magazine—Commemorative Issue (Summer 1978)
17 – “Happy Birthday, Mickey” Button (1978)

“Happy Birthday, Mickey” Button (1978)

18 – “We Are Doing It” WED/MAPO Poster (ca. 1981)
19 – “Oh, What a Merry Christmas Day” Vocal Lead Sheet (1982)
20 – Tron Film Print (Hidden Mickey) (1982)

Tron Film Print (Hidden Mickey) (1982)

21 – Tokyo Disneyland Souvenir Gift Bag (1983)

Tokyo Disneyland Souvenir Gift Bag (1983)

22 – Disney Channel Launch Party Napkin (1983)
23 – Shanghai Disneyland Mickey Avenue Seal (2016)

Shanghai Disneyland Mickey Avenue Seal (2016)

A special unboxing was done with Her Universe creator and all around Disney fan girl Ashley Eckstein and the voice behind the mouse, Bret Iwan.

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