Welcome back to our annual Mouse Madness tournament! This year, our champion will take home the title of best film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe…so far. We’re looking at 16 of the 18 films (sorry Hulk and Spidey) to determine which story is better than the rest.

Well, folks, it wasn’t even close! Iron Man beat out Iron Man 2 with a whopping 88% of the vote in yesterday’s match up.  Will he face himself again in Round 2 or find a new opponent in Ant-Man? Stay tuned!

Today’s match up is all about Captain America. The First Avenger shows us the beginnings of S.H.I.E.L.D. and delivers an impressive transformation of scrawny Steve Rogers into the shield throwing Avenger. Winter Soldier is a strong sequel. Nick Fury warns Cap not to trust S.H.I.E.L.D, his best friend Bucky is alive…and he’s an assassin, Cap shows off his skills in some amazing fight scenes, Black Widow returns, and we run into Sam Wilson/Falcon…”on your left!”

Which Captain America should punch through to the next round? Vote now:

Be sure to come back tomorrow as we reveal the winner of today’s poll and continue onward through our bracket to crown the best film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe champion!