Winnie the Pooh and Friends Collection Debuts at BoxLunch

Parents of babies and toddlers know that the struggle is real to find functional and fashionable totes, bags, and carry alls for their children’s needs. With diapers, wipes, pacifiers, bottles, clothes, and snacks as kid essentials, where they can they keep it all? Enter Petunia Pickle Bottom, the high quality and high function focused company. They understand the need for durability and the desire for style when it comes to being a parent on the go. In their latest collection for BoxLunch, Petunia Pickle Bottom has designed a five item series featuring Winnie the Pooh and Hunny Pots, and it’s adorable. Take a look:

Note: All items are currently available at BoxLunch stores and will be available online later this month. The Boxy Backpack and Tote are available online with a Mickey and Minnie Mouse design

For those that want a bag they can slip on their back, the Axis Backpack is the prefect choice. Modeled after a traditional pack, this Axis houses separate compartments for variety of storage options. For a different take on the original, parents will appreciate the sturdy and spacious Boxy Backpack that has the potential to hold everything their kid will need. Finally, there’s the Downtown Tote with its thick brown band at the bottom that provides a classy look while carrying crayons, blankets, toys, you name it. Each of these three bags are made with water resistant materials, contain plenty of zippered pouches for easy storage, and come with an on-the-go diaper wipe case and pull-out changing pad.


The adorable Pacifier Porter can be attached to purses, bags, totes, even keychains and allows for easy and safe transportation for any binky. Another essential is this Cool Pixel Cooler that will keep snacks chilled while you and your family are on the go.