The Gumazing Gum Girl is back in her third adventure from Disney Hyperion! I was first introduced to Gabby and her superhero alter ego last fall with the second book in the series, The Gumazing Gum Girl: Gum Luck, where Gabby used her superpowers to win over the school bully. All of the books in the series have scented covers with the first one traditional bubble gum, the second grape, and this third outing is my favorite, sour green apple in The Gumazing Gum Girl: Popped Star.

The book starts with a recap of the events so far, making it easy for kids to start with this volume even if they’ve never read a Gum Girl book before. Gabby Gomez is a regular girl… except that when she chews gum, she turns into Gum Girl, a sticky elastic hero that fights crime. She has a younger brother who is obsessed with Gum Girl and two parents who love her, but are concerned with her oral hygiene.

The trouble starts when Gabby has a cavity filled and her dentist father requires her to only chew sugar-free gum. When a new hero shows up, Ninja-Rina (a ballerina/ninja), Gabby finds herself upstaged by a do-gooder who makes her jealous. But if Gabby can get over herself, she’ll find that both she and Ninja-Rina can do the impossible if they work together.

Rhode Montijo invites kids to Gum Girl’s world, with all illustrations in black, pink, and green. Rhode created the series and Author Luke Reynolds assists with the text in this third adventure. This chapter book is recommended for ages 6-8, with larger font and text bubbles making it easy for kids who are transitioning from Early Readers to chapter books.

Disney Hyperion publishes a lot of picture books and teen fiction, but it’s always nice to see books like The Gumazing Gum Girl: Popped Star that bridges the gap. Gabby always has a lesson to learn and this time, it’s about not letting jealous feelings stop you from getting to know someone. Gum Girl is here to help kids overcome many of life’s hurdles as they progress through elementary school.