Oh My Disney and shopDisney have teamed up to create a Little Mermaid Pool Party collection that is worth losing your voice over — because you’re squealing with joy, not because you’re singing it away to a Sea Witch! Get ready for summer with any or all of these adorable items and accessories that will enhance your beach going experience.

The Seaweed is Always Greener

While these clothing items and accessories may not be seaweed green, they are sea-foam green so it works! Arrive in style and protect your skin from the bright sun with a mermaid spirit jersey, and while you may not have fins, you can have mermaid legs with this ombre pair of leggings. Slide your dancing feet into a pair of cool green flip-flop sandals that will compliment your beachwear nicely. Take a break from the water and dry off with a fin towel as you listen to your favorite songs with this portable speaker (it lights up too).

Devotin’ Full time to Floatin’

Lounge comfortably in the pool on some fun fish floats. Crustacean, Sebastian looks happy because you haven’t run/swam away and he won’t have to explain anything to the king; Flounder is just thrilled to hang with you. Even your favorite beverages can float with you thanks to the cute little seahorse cup holders.

Gadgets and Gizmos A-plenty

Keep all of your essentials handy with the two-pouch pack featuring Flounder and Sebastian, or in the full-size Ariel tote. Your phone—and social media life—will thank you to keep it dry in this waterproof pouch, and hey, while you’ve got it out, take some fantastically fun photos with this accessories kit. Which character will you be? Life is full of tough choices, innit?

Sick of Swimming, Ready to Stand

Oh, you poor unfortunate soul! Mermaid life is great, but being human means your skin gets wrinkly. Ew. Pull on this crop hoodie featuring Ursula, or this cute “Guppy” tank top and just enjoy being on land for a bit.

Be sure to stop by shopDisney for more colorful Oh My Disney collaborations including other items from the Little Mermaid Pool Party Collection.