On April 10th, Disney Hyperion is rereleasing two books written by New York Times Best-Selling Author Arthur Yorinks. Originally published in 1988 by Dragonfly Books, Company’s Coming was a beloved story for generations of kids. Disney Hyperion released the sequel, Company’s Going, in 2001 and both books are once again available for parents to share this cosmic adventure with their kids.

Shirley and Moe are having a dinner party at their home in Bellmore when a spaceship lands in their backyard. The two alien travelers look wary and Shirley decides to be hospitable, inviting them to dinner with her relatives. The party is quickly crashed by the army, navy, marines, and FBI, but in the end the travelers prove not to be a threat and discover their new favorite food, spaghetti and meatballs.

Company’s Going picks up where the first book left off, with the two aliens preparing to leave earth. Being so enamored with Shirley’s cooking, they invite her to their planet to cater their sister’s wedding. When they arrive, they discover that these aliens are just like us, as all manner of law enforcement show up to ensure that they’re not a threat.

Arthur Yorinks’ stories are very unique, dropping some unique characters into an otherwise mundane world. Illustrations are provided by David Small, a Caldecott Medal winner. His character designs are well detailed and his aliens look like insects with capes and metal helmets.

It’s not unusual for Disney Hyperion to rerelease books when a sequel comes out, but take it as a sign of the enduring popularity of Company’s Coming and Company’s Going that both books are returning to print without a new release to drive sales. It’s become culturally important to share with our kids things that we loved when we were their age and no company makes that easier to do than Disney. Like a Disney film being released from the vault, both books are now available for a whole new generation to enjoy.