Comic Review: “Hunt for Wolverine #1”

The Wolverine is alive and missing. Friends and enemies are all wondering where he has gone. Hunt for Wolverine #1 brings back the most famous and grumpiest X-Men from the dead. The first issue in this new series is divided into two parts, Secrets and Lives and Hunter’s Pryde.

Hunt for Wolverine

Secret’s and Lives shows how Logan was buried following his death, and the debate his friends had on what to do to commemorate their friend. Wolverine’s body was a prize to geneticists, collectors, and enemies. Ultimately the X-Men take Wolverine to a remote cabin in the woods where his adamantium covered body is laid to rest on a pedestal.

We have a short scene of Reed Richards feeling bad for not helping Wolverine when he asked for it. Richards had lamented that he should have listened and been more empathetic, but he failed Wolverine. While the statue memorial seemed like a good idea, the X-Men decided to remove his body, leave the statue as a memorial and bury Logan’s body in secret in the woods.

The half cyborg Reavers attack hoping to steal Logan’s body, but fail and learn the truth about the statue memorial. Wolverine is gone, the bad guys and good guys know it, and the story continues into Hunter’s Pryde.

Tony Stark is front in center in the second half Hunt for Wolverine #1. When one of the strongest mutants return from the dead, you need to call in an Iron Man, and a Daredevil too. Kitty Pryde is actively recruiting as many friends as possible to find Wolverine. Both Stark and Matt Murdock have a history with Wolverine and agree to join the hunt.

The X-Men depart at the end of the comic looking for Wolverine in Madripoor, because when you come back from the dead as the group reasons, you most likely go to an island paradise where there is lots of drinking, and dance clubs.

My Opinion

Having Wolverine die, was not my favorite choice made by Marvel. I missed him in the comics, but I knew that he would come back. Heroes don’t stay dead in the comic world. In the last few months, we have seen the appearance of Wolverine in other comic series. Small shots of him affecting new storylines were fantastic teases for fans, but with Hunt for Wolverine #1, it’s time for Logan to make his grand entrance.

Yet, this comic has little of Wolverine in it. From the first page to the last, we only get to see a few panels with a solitary Wolverine, sitting in the shadows seemingly planning his next move. The world is not ready for the return of Wolverine, and what the writers have delicately balanced in their text is the concern for their supposed returned friend and genuine worry for the fact he has returned.

This makes me wonder if perhaps the X-Men are not pleased with Wolverine being alive. Why the need to expand their search party and bring in Daredevil and Iron Man? Better yet, why has Wolverine returned and gone into hiding? As I wonder these questions while reading, I couldn’t help thinking we were getting a different take on Wolverine. He’s isolated, sitting in the shadows, looking fierce as he contemplates what his next move is. Is he a friend, or has Wolverine become the ultimate foe?

Hunt for Wolverine #1 is an enjoyable start to an action-packed series to come. I am happy to see my favorite Canadian hero back on the job.