Does it seem like Mickey Mouse is popping up a lot lately? Yes, and for good reason. Mickey will celebrate his 90th birthday this November and companies are coming up with all sorts of ways to honor the iconic mouse. Target is just one of the companies participating in the celebration. Recently, some of Target’s favorite brands collaborated with Disney to bring fans a variety of beauty products. The good folks over at Bustle put together a shopping list of Mickey inspired essentials. Check out the cuteness:


Out on the town? Headed to a business meeting? Feel like dressing up? How about “I don’t need a reason to dress myself up?” That’s fine too! Enjoy creating you own look with this fun collection of cosmetics from L’Oreal. Mickey Mouse logos cheerfully adorn the outsides of L’Oreal’s signature makeup essentials. Whether you’re going for bold definition and color, or subtle and classic, you can show off your love for Mickey and all things Disney.


Disney x Junk Food

The Disney x Junk Food collection is the perfect way to pamper yourself. These delightful bath products feature the iconic Mouse himself. After you’ve had some time to yourself, indulge in a childhood favorite, Lip Smackers! Junk Food and Disney provide their own twist to this brand of colorful lip balms that Millennials remember fondly and vividly. Still looking for a little more Mickey Mouse? Head online (or over to Target) to check out the adorable kids and baby items Junk Food has recently released.


Whether it’s your morning routine, nighttime routine, or your “I’m out of the office” voicemail routine, Target’s beauty products will have you feeling swell in no time.

Target is just another of the many, many companies and designers that are honoring Mickey Mouse for his 90th birthday. We’ll keep you updated on all the exciting news surrounding Mickey’s birthday celebrations.