Expedition Roasters I’ve been enjoying Disney themed coffees for a year and a half courtesy of Trader Sam’s Coffee Co. They’re back with four new flavored coffees and with a new name, Expedition Roasters. I love the new branding, which still feels like it could be associated with S.E.A. while also making non-Adventureland themed blends feel at home. These four new brews are all inspired by elements you would find inside the berm of a Disney Park (Disneyland specifically), but also broadens the horizon with two blends inspired by Lucasfilm properties.

For those unfamiliar, the company was started by Erik and Marlene Kanter as a way to support local animal shelters in New Jersey. As the company grew, they incorporated their love of Disney with themed coffees under the Trader Sam’s label and it’s expanded and grown since then. They’ve had many limited and themed blends and currently offer twelve unique flavored coffees, art prints, mugs, and apparel. And with that, let’s examine these new blends.

Simply Sinful – Chocolate Raspberry

The mistress of all evil, Maleficent herself, has inspired this chocolate raspberry flavored blend. Close your eyes and imagine yourself lackadaisically strolling through the Sleeping Beauty Castle walkthrough, finding traces of Maleficent around every corner. The raspberry flavor is more prevalent than chocolate and the taste reminds me of those chocolate covered jelly sticks that you sometimes find at specialty chocolate shops. I liked this much more than I expected, it’s deliciously wicked.

Route 66 Fix – Morning Blend

Get your motor running and head out on the highway with this Cars Land inspired blend. Like the Main Street U.S.A. Columbian, this roast is unflavored but is sourced from different beans (South American Arabica) which gives it a different taste. It’s a medium roast, but has bolder coffee flavors than the flavored blends. It tastes classic and refreshing, the same feelings you get in Cars Land at dusk as the neon lights come alive. It’s a lovely way to wake up.

Dark Side Roast

Feed your hatred and fear with this dark roast, then surrender yourself to the power of the dark side. Lord Vader and the Emperor will be be pleased as you savor this rich blend while getting ready for the day. Be sure to put on your favorite Sith march music if taking it with you on your morning commute.

Fortune and Glory – Bourbon Streusel

Bourbon… why did it have to be bourbon? This is the second booze flavored coffee blend from Expedition Roasters, the first being a rum flavored Pirates of the Caribbean blend called “Redhead Rum.” I enjoyed that one more than I thought I would, but I don’t like boubon and am not a big fan of this blend. However, Indiana Jones fans who do like that taste will likely be thrilled. It’s like having breakfast at Jock Lindsey’s.

My favorite blend from this release is Simply Sinful, followed closely by the Route 66 Fix. You can find all four of these, plus all of the other great products, on the official Expedition Roasters website.

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