Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Pixar Place 2007 (Under Construction)

In 2008, Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Disney-MGM Studios) made the first step to bring Pixar into the park with Toy Story Mania (seen under construction on the right of the above picture), transforming a bypass street to home of Pixar Place.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Pixar Place 2008

Over the next 10 years, Pixar Place became home of normally one of the longest lines in any of the Walt Disney World parks, resulting in a first: adding a new track to an attraction. With the announcement of Toy Story Land, which would result in moving the entrance of Toy Story Mania to that land, the fate of Pixar Place went into question.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Pixar Place June 29, 2018

As Toy Story Land prepared to open on June 30, 2018, Pixar Place started losing some of its props and was used as an overflow queue for the land itself.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Pixar Place July 2, 2018

Heading into the week of July 4th, the Pixar Studios marquee was removed overnight, with just the Hey Howdy Hey! Takeaway (Snack shop), Woody’s Picture Shootin Corral (meet and greet with just Buzz Lightyear), and the small souvenir stand still open. On July 8th, Buzz Lightyear had moved into Toy Story Land with Woody and Jessie but Pixar Place was still open to walk down. But then on July, 9th 2018, Pixar Place was officially closed for whatever may come with the future of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Pixar Place July 9, 2018

With a great extended queue, three tracks, and the other attractions in Toy Story Land, the wait time for Toy Story Mania seems to have settled down after years to being around an hour on average per day.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Toy Story Mania

As for Pixar Place, Disney previously said that “Guests may be able to walk through it from time to time,” so we’ll have to see if one of those times emerges again or if we’ve taken our last stroll through the campus-themed area.

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