In case you didn’t know, the annual nerd-fest that is Comic-Con is currently taking place in San Diego. Given the prestige of the Con and the excitement surrounding it, what better place could there be for Entertainment Earth to debut some of the new products?

In this year’s line up, there may only be one Star Wars item, but it’s an awesome one. Check out this Jabba’s Palace backpack and pencil case — arriving next month and now available for pre-order.

As for Marvel, there are plenty of items making their way to the site — ranging from the mightiest of heroes to the baddest of bad guys (e.g. Thanos). Speaking of Thanos, you can wield a lot of power with this Infinity Gauntlet Wooden Push Puppet being released later this month. The Gauntlet actually goes perfectly with the Pin Mates Wooden Collectibles Set, featuring 16 heroes. And while they may not be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe just yet, you can pick up these Marvel Mutant Pin Mates as well.

Continuing the wooden theme, Entertainment Earth is also debuting a Deadpool and Cable Wooden Push Puppet at the Con. Finally, the fan favorite Squirrel Girl is depicted in this Wittles Wooden Doll.

That’s it for all the Marvel and Star Wars related products making their debut at the Entertainment Earth booth but there are plenty of other cool items to check out over at booth #2343 — and if you’re not at Comic-Con, you can always view more at



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