There’s no shortage of ways to host a party inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I had never thought about having my own until Zak! Designs sent us a box. “What’s in it? What’s in it? That’s the point of the thing, not to know.”

Actually, inside was a starter kit with a seed of inspiration for hosting my first Nightmare party. It included the basics for movie night, including popcorn, bowls, cups, mugs, and packets of apple cider. all of the products (except for the popcorn and cider) are made by Zak!


Popcorn is essential for movie night, but you could take it a step further by adding sweet and salty snacks like pretzels, nuts, chocolates, and gummies. It would be the ultimate Halloween snack mix. Since the film combines Halloween and Christmas, a few wintertime touches would be fun too. In addition to apple cider, you could have hot coco or eggnog. Pumpkin spice eggnog would be a perfect way to use these gorgeous themed glasses. A green punch with gummy worms would be another fun idea to celebrate this Tim Burton masterpiece.

The popcorn bowls feature 360 degrees of character artwork, the glasses feature different images on the other side, and the shaped mugs are perfect for couples. For a limited time, fans can save 20% on all of the products shown in this article through October 12th, 2018, when purchasing them directly from Zak! Use promo code ZAKNBC at checkout.


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