If you grew up in the 90s, then the latest additions to shopDisney and Oh My Disney’s Forever Disney Collection will have you feeling nostalgic. From vinyl records to 8-color pens, your inner child will be jumping for joy. Relive the magical moments of the decade that confirmed your love for all things Disney with these awesome items.

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Picture Disc Vinyl LPs

Records are back in style and these two sided picture vinyls are a must have for any Disney music collector. Each dual sided record features between 9-12 songs from the films that you’ll love listening to over an over again. These albums also serve as great gifts for your best friend or even a workplace secret Santa.

VHS Clutches

Another telltale sign you were a Disney kid of the 90s was your ever growing VHS collection. A standard slip cover would never be enough for a Disney movie, no these films had to come in glossy white cases that cradled the VHS cassette like a baby. You may have switched to DVDs, Blu-rays, or Digital versions of these classic films, but that doesn’t mean you can’t relive the glory days. Grow a new collection of 90s Disney with these clutches designed to look like the signatures VHS cases. Still want more? Check out the matching journals.

8-Color Ballpoint Pens

Oh, oh, oh did we get excited when we came across these! How much fun was it showing off your pen that could switch colors? Step back in time and let your pre-teen self know that everything is gonna be ok, and that, yes, it’s still cool to collect these colorful writing tools.


Fun Collectables


Way Cool Wearables

Fashion forward or retro? How about a little bit of both! Settle into the wacky in between where everything old is new again and just have fun. Whether you loved jamming out with Max Goof and Powerline, or just telling everyone “Hakuna Matata” you’ll look great in any (and all) of these throwback tops.

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